Religious Social Media App is a faith-based social media network to interact, connect, organize and be inspired with other like-minded people. People can join the fastest growing online community of followers of the religion and be a part of the movement to unite all. People can find daily inspirational quotes, post online prayer request and pray for other people, read religion news, engage in activity feed-based social interaction, create and join groups, discover religious content. People can also chat with each other via messaging feature.


  • Social Login:For easy access to applications, users can use their account using Facebook login and Google login features.
  • News Feed:Users can view news feed from other users as well as app admin feeds. Users can like and share post as well.
  • Prayer:User can digitally pray for others as well as create own prayer requests.
  • Comments:Users can like posts and add comments on the posts.
  • Messaging:User can send messages to their friends and chat with them.
  • Connections:People can send friend requests and make new friends on the platform.
  • Push Notifications:App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform iOS, Android
Programming Language Swift, Java
Database SQLite
Tools XCode, Android Studio

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