This is a fitness website kind of central hub, which connects athletes and coaches. If anyone is looking for a coach (trainer) or physical therapist (for any kind of service) then can find it on this platform.

This website is having 3 kinds of users:

  1. End Users
  2. Trainers
  3. Admin

End users can find services, trainers by using the search feature. Based on search results they can make a booking using a calendar slot and make a payment via card. Once booking is successful, then users and trainers can connect with each other.

Trainers are able to manage their profile, their calendar for date & time and their services. Upon any booking, trainers will receive the payment directly (via Stripe and Square up integration).

Admin can manage everything on the website. For every booking, the admin will have their commission and receive it in his account.


  • Search:

    End users can search for trainers via keyword, location, category, format (online, in person, online/in person).

  • Registration:

    End users and Trainers can manage their registration separately. End users only have to fill in their basic details while as a trainer user has to enter their business details as well.

  • Private Messaging:

    This will work offline where; customer can send a message to either trainer or admin using the provided option. Once the trainer or admin will be logged in then, they can see the messages received from customers. The same process will follow for trainers and for the admin portal.

  • Payment:

    Upon successful booking, the payment will be divided between admin and trainer. In this website, Stripe and Square up integration is used.

  • Booking:

    End users can choose suitable date & time and can book a slot for a trainer. For booking they can make online payment.


Platform PHP
Programming Language Laravel
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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