School Event Management App is an ultimate event management app that can save time and raise more funds with less paperwork! With this app, schools can manage their events, especially school prom events. Schools can join the platform and enroll their teachers and students in the same application. Teachers can manage events, sell event tickets to students, create any kind of polls with student participants, fundraising with crowdfunding method, manage event guest list, ticket QR-code scan and check-in students in events, manage budget of the whole event using budget management tools, message individual or all students, sent notifications to students, create financial reports or balance sheets. Students can join the platform through their schools. Students can view the event and buy tickets, message teachers, cast their votes on various polls, participate in fundraisers and get rewards for the fundraising.


  • Social Login:For easy access to applications, users can create their account using Facebook login and Google login features.
  • Event Management:Teachers can create and manage whole event from app.
  • Ticket Management: Teachers can generate ticket and set ticket price from app. Teachers can notify students to purchase tickets. Students can buy tickets from the app itself.
  • Polls & Voting: Teachers can create various types of polls and students can vote on those polls.
  • Fundraising: Teachers can generate fundraiser by crowdfunding. Students can participate in fundraiser and get exciting rewards from school. Each student will get their undique fundraiser page and share it with their circle to raise the money and get rewards for the same.
  • Messaging: Teacher and students can send messages to each other from the app itself.
  • Budget Management: Teachers and students can manage their budget using budget tool in the app.
  • QR-Code Scan: Teachers can simply scan the QR code of ticket and check students in the event.
  • Financial Reports: Teachers can generate financial reports or balance sheets for the whole event.
  • Notifications: Teachers can send notifications to students from app itself. App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.


Platform Ionic, Laravel
Programming Language Angular, JavaScript, PHP
Database SQLite, MySQL
Tools Visual Studio Code, Android Studio, XCode, NetBeans, FileZilla

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