This website is for the Education Department. On this website there are 3 users: admin, principal, teacher. All 3 users have email id and password so it’s private for users. Every user can manage their profile. This website user can manage their school data here. They can manage their subject, parent’s student, events, school wall, timeline, time report.

In the website users can see on the dashboard the number of users, number of schools, number of subjects, number of events. Users can use the search bar and get a list of the school and role.


  • School Management:

    Only Administration will have access to the school page. Faculty and staff can contact the administration if they want something on the school wall page, but only the Principal and Assistant Principal will have access to the wall page for their network. Everyone in the school network will have access to post on their network school Wall.

  • Permission Management:

    Admin will be able to assign permissions to school faculty (only the Principal and Assistant Principal) to manage school home page logo, banner, text, events, announcements.

  • School Wall:

    In the school wall there is a section of quotes in which only authorized persons can add any kind of quote for school and also show who added that quote with their time.

  • Timeline:

    Users can schedule an appointment for any of the school members and users can have options to select the date from to date to.


Platform PHP
Programming Language Laravel
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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