This website is very helpful to convert document in PDF. There are so many functionalities are available related to pdf like Merge pdf, URL TO pdf, HTML TO pdf, HTML Text TO pdf, Text to pdf, Split pdf, Merge 2 URL, JPG TO pdf, pdf TO jpg.

The tools and services offered on this website are available for free, with a daily use limit. There is no account creation required and no fee incurred.

Visitors can use the website to solve occasional PDF processing needs or to quickly test and evaluate the underlying PDF technology.


  • Excel to PDF Conversion: Using this option, user will be able to convert Excel file into PDF.
  • Word to PDF Conversion: Using this option, user will be able to convert Word file into PDF.
  • Optimize PDF: User will be able to optimize PDF file using this option.
  • OCR – Create Searchable PDF: The OCR function used to render PDF pages to images and then insert the recognized text with the correct font into the PDF. The OCR function is provided here with 5 language options (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German) but can also work for other languages & fonts, including CJK fonts. The resulting ocred PDF will contain searchable, selectable and highlightable text content.


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Programming Language PHP
Database MYSQL
Tools NetBeans

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