Ship Property Management software will be a central reservation for ship. In this system there are 3 types of Users Host, Agents, Cruise Operators, and Ship operators. They will store all the details which is related to cruise, ships, decks, tenants, docks, amenities, etc. All details are stored and maintained at one place centrally. Decks are available in every single ship.

Here, admin is managing all the details related to Cruises, Ships, Decks, Cabins, Amenities, Cancellation Policy, Themes, Booking Status, Users, etc. This software will provides the scalable solution and manage all the attributes related to rooms, docks, tenants, amenities, etc. It makes the tasks easy when any changes comes. It provides the well-defined solution structure with having responsive design and multiple layout options.


  • Reservation: Merchants can do the online reservations for the cruise. As Merchants can do the online payment through PayPal and Stripe to book the cruise and admin will receive these payments.
  • Users: It shows the list of users having the different kinds of roles. Admin can add, edit, and delete the users. Admin can give different types of permissions to users. Admin can also lock and unlock the users.
  • Cruise Booking Status: It shows the list of status available for cruise booking. Every status has different sort of colours are available. Admin can add, update, delete the booking status.
  • Decks: It shows the list of decks available in single ship. Admin can add, edit, view and delete the decks. Admin can download the list of decks as a excel sheet.
  • Cruises: It shows the list of cruises. Admin can view, edit and delete the cruises. Admin can also see the cruises departure, fares and amenities storage. Admin is creating new cruise. While creating cruises, admin must pick cruise itineraries, ships and cruise themes.
  • Tenants: It shows the lists of tenants. Admin can also create a new tenant. Admin can also search tenant based on name/code, edition, subscription end date and creation time.


Platform ASP.NET Core and Angular JS
Programming Language C# & Javascript
Database MSSQL
Tools Visual Studio

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