The project is based on a school survey where students, teachers and parents have to fill the survey in order to calculate the success result of a school. The survey is conducted to understand the social experiences that affect a student's school behavior and performance. The surveys also ask students about their health and well-being.

There is an admin panel for this website where admin can manage everything related to schools, users, surveys and reports. Admin can manage the best practices in order to let users follow the same guidelines.

Admin creates Assessments and shares that with schools in order to fill the Assessment by users.


  • Dashboard:

    The dashboard will be visible to the admin where the admin can see statistics on dashboard such as 5 most recent assessments, data collected from children/teachers/parents, best practices, relevant research, brief measures etc.

  • Assessments Management:

    Admin can create assessments and he has to enter its name, number of students, start date and end date. Once an assessment is created, then the admin can download serial number XLs file.

  • Assessments Report:

    There are different kinds of reports which admin can view and download. The reports are: all individual reports, assessment summary, risk report and group detail.

  • Best Practices:

    Admin can manage best practice categories and the useful information under each category which should be followed by users.

  • Voice Guide:

    There is a voice icon provided for users in the assessment screen so if they would not like to read the question then they can also hear it using the voice guide option.

  • Interactive Interface:

    Students, teachers and Parents will have an integrative animated front view in order to fill assessment . Each question of assessment will display 1 by 1 and users have to click on next and previous or can also skip questions.

  • Resource Searches:

    When any user will search any keyword which will not populate any of the data related to it then that keyword will be added into the Resource Searches section which admin can view and create a relevant topic related to the keyword.


Platform Asp.Net
Programming Language C#
Database MS SQL
Tools Visual Studio 2019

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