Student Tracking Campus Software has been the premier software program used to track student visits since the 18 years! ? Whether you want to better track your students for one department, or if you’re part of a One-Stop area with multiple lobbies, this software can help manage your intake of students and record their visits. It has been designed specifically for high schools, colleges & universities. In this, the chat feature is also available which allows the students to chat with different students from a different campus. A receptionist can also see the last visit of students. Our Reports Library is made up of several categories: Visit Reports, Service Reports, Calendar Reports, Customized Reports and then All Reports.


  • Appointment Scheduler: This component allows the student to schedule their appointment with the counselor. Students can schedule their appointment at any specific date and time.
  • Lobby Display: The Lobby Display component is designed to show the students that are waiting to be seen. It can display your department's name and location as well as the student's name, where they are in line and where they need to go when called.
  • Counselor/ Receptionist: It is used by advisers, counselors, staff and work-study students to manage your lobby and to sign students in & out. This component is broken into 3 different windows: The Switchboard, Student Lobby and My In-Box windows.
  • Sign-in Station: The Student Sign-In Station component is built to allow students to sign themselves into your lobby. All they must do is enter their Student ID number and select who they want to speak with and their reason for visit.


Platform .NET Framework 4.5
Programming Language C#
Database MSSQL
Tools Dev Express

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