A Survey Web Application platform to conduct surveys within an organization related to some subject from employees. Survey platform that joins technology, Top Workplace research, and expertise to transform your culture.

It takes only four steps to start feeling emotions from the ground. All you need to do is to

  1. Create your organization structure
  2. Confirm or edit the pre-set questionnaire
  3. Send out the survey to employees
  4. Sit back and wait for the analysis reports!


  • Track Survey Response: Keep track of the progress of the Survey Response rate. Know how many participants have / have not attempted the survey. Send a chaser to participants at the click of one button
  • Manage Survey: The questionnaire is categorized into 6 areas of focus, namely i) Organization Climate ii) Organization System and Policies iii) Organization Effectiveness iv) Overall Employee Satisfaction v) Effectiveness of Departments vi) Organization Culture. Customize your questions on areas you wish to focus on or request your participants to answer question in free text!
  • Compare survey results: Comparing current and past survey results enables you to know whether the improvement efforts are effective. Time to engage us for consultation if there are no improvements!
  • Outsource employee’s opinion: It will manage the briefing and implementation of the exercise for you. We would also be making a gap analysis and recommendations as part of our value-added services.


Platform Laravel
Programming Language PHP
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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