Using this website users can Download TikTok videos Without Watermark for FREE. If users would like to download video or mp3 from TikTok application, then they can do it without TikTok watermark or without TikTok branding.

In order to do this, users have to open their application, select the video that they wish to save, select the Share option, press the button “Copy Link.” That copied link they can put on this website and process will be started based on the inserted link. Within a few seconds users will see the video and an option to download it.

Apart from video url they can also use @username or #hashtag.


  • Download Locally:

    Users can see the list of resources saved.

  • Free of Cost:

    It will list the categories, followed by the user. By clicking one category, it will show the listing of resources related to the category.

  • No Watermark:

    There is no watermark with higher efficiency than most other devices can’t provide.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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