The project is to manage a company employee, Departments, Projects, User Access and track timing. The desktop app is available in Windows and Mac OS.

Desktop app is for end users or employees where they can login, use the forgot password module. After login, they will see their projects and can select projects to start working. The timer can be started and paused manually and accordingly their log will be managed in a web app.


  • User Roles:

    In this project there are following user types: Super Admin, Company Admin, Department Admin, User.

  • Users Management:

    Based on hierarchy and user permission the admin users can manage other users.

  • Attendance Hours:

    This module displays attendance hours based on each day of the current month. Admin users can add attendance hours manually by filling start date, end date, full day hours or half day hours.

  • Attendance Report:

    This module has an attendance hours report, which will display a summary of the total working days, present days, half days etc. The attendance report can also be downloaded for any specific date range.


Platform Electron
Programming Language Angular, .Net Core WebApi
Database MySQL
Tools Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio Code, SQL Management Studio

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