This project is a time-tracking project for internal use of customers. This desktop Application is created for all desktop ecosystems (mac, Linux and windows) which mainly track activity of logged in users and save screenshots along with key and mouse strokes to the server, so management can analyze productive hours.

This Application allows users to modify time as well, in case the user is in a meeting or out-side of office work and not using the system for a long time.

In other words, it is similar to a hubstaff application.


  • Projects Management:

    Once a user will be logged in they will be able to see their projects list.

  • Tasks Management:

    Each project will have multiple tasks associated with it which user can select and start work on the specific task.

  • Start and Stop Timer:

    Based on task, break, meeting, users are able to start and stop timer. Based on timer the productive hours of a user will be calculated.

  • Multiple Devices:

    If a user will use 2 monitors attached to one system then it will capture screenshots from both.

  • Activity:

    When the timer will start the application will auto capture a screenshot of the work which user is doing at that time. The time of screenshots will be random.


Platform Electron
Programming Language JavaScript
Database MySQL
Tools VS Code

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