Travel Destinations Website is all about vacations. This website provides all information regarding 2 big travel destinations where users can enjoy their holidays.

Website provides information about Geography, Climate, Languages, Religious Services, Shopping Hours etc.

Website is divided into 2 sections where it is covering details of each destination place in more detail. Users are able to see details of tours activities, nearby shops, nearby hotels, nearby jewelers, nearby food-drink places for each location.


  • Stories: The best-read articles are filtered and viewable. In every 12 seconds another article will show up. The current one gets replaced by another story.
  • Coupons: Coupons will be fetched via Mobile Application using APIs. It shows the list of coupons with its name, images, discount(%) and price.
  • Client Portal: Clients are able to log-in and upload their own advertisements in form of pdf and images, Client can also add text as notes. Upon submission, the admin of the website will receive email notification and can verify all details if it is ok or not.
  • Multi Language: Website is multi language and it is offering Dutch & English languages.


Platform PHP
Programming Language WordPress
Database MySQL
Tools NetBeans

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