Users can register themselves through filling basic information and based on the interests they had selected, the website shows relevant posts. Users can ask for recommendations or recommend companies, search and filter posts by different authors / companies / tags, can follow - unfollow their choice of person or company to get the latest update from them.

A website shows top trending companies calculated by the custom algorithm which includes users interactions and activities performed and also suggests recommended companies. Users can register their own company by providing necessary information and they can see how their company is performing through various analytics website offers.


  • Trending Companies:

    Site auto calculates popularity among users based on the interactions, tags, mentions, etc.

  • Analytics:

    The site provides different analytics and charts to company owners so that they can have better clarity on how much popularity their company is getting day by day.

  • Recent Recommendations:

    Users can view recent recommandation in their profile.

  • Easy Post search and filtering:

    Users can search and filter posts by different author / companies / tags.

  • Like, Comment and Share:

    Users are allowed to like, comment on the post and share to linked social media accounts.


Programming Language ReactJs, NodeJS (ExpressJS)
Database MongoDB
Tools VS Code

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