Video Reaction Social Media Application is the leading mobile application to capture friend's reactions to personal or public videos and memes. Users can create and personalize videos and share them with their friends. Users can see the reactions of their friends. From home screen itself, users can begin to record a video by simply keeping finger on the record button and release the record button to stop video recording. Then users can use video editor feature to edit the video by adding various video filters and emoji stickers. After customization, users can send the video to a friend, family or a group of friends. While the receiver is watching the video that has been sent to them, the phones camera will record the receiver’s reaction and the reaction video is sent to user who sent the video. Users can also chat one to one or group chat using messaging features of the app.


  • Messaging: Users can chat with each other using messaging feature. User can also create a group and use group chat feature.
  • Social Login: For easy access to the application, users can login using Google and Facebook social logins.
  • Push notifications: App includes push notifications, so that users don’t miss any updates.
  • Customized Videos: Users can record videos using advanced camera features. Users can customize video by applying filters, cropping, adding texts, drawing free-hand graphics, adding emoji stickers, making infinite loop.
  • Reactions: Users can view reactions from their friends on their shared videos .
  • Account Control: User can control their account related data like notification settings, cache setting and clear cache features.
  • Connections: Users can send and receive friend requests. Users can sync contacts and their contact who are using the app will be added to their friend list.


Platform iOS, Android, Laravel
Programming Language Swift, Java, PHP
Database SQLite
Tools XCode, Android Studio

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