The website offer users to get their website listed in order to get traffic. If a user would like to list their website then they have to choose the main category related to the website then sub category and have to enter the business name, logo and other important details.

Once everything is entered, then users will be able to list the website which other users can browse and see the website details using the website link. In this way, listed websites will get more traffic.

Users can choose a premium plan in order to display their listing at the top of the category listing, get more traffic and receive weekly traffic reports.


  • User Registration:

    Users can register into the website and after successful registration they can choose free or paid plans. Based on plans they will get separate benefits for their listing.

  • Payment Gateway:

    Users can pay via either PayPal or Debit and Credit Card.

  • Categories:

    The web site offers more than 100 categories which can be selected by users to list their business. Public users can see the listed website by category and traverse it.

  • Statistics:

    After login users will be able to see total clicks, their website analysis. Based on plans they will get a Weekly traffic report.


Platform .Net Core
Programming Language Typescript, C#
Database MS SQL
Tools Microsoft Visual Studio & VS Code

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