Unlock the Potential of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Development

Take advantage of the world's most comprehensive and widely used cloud platform that offers more than 200 features. Companies of all sizes use Amazon Web Services (AWS) Development for rapid innovation, increased agility in operations, and lower operating costs.


AWS development: All You Need to Know About

AWS Development is a preferred cloud choice as it has many services and the deepest functionality within these services. In addition, it offers infrastructure technologies on storage, database, computers, etc., emerging technologies like data lakes, analytics, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

Hence, migrating to AWS is always accessible and cost-effective. The largest community of partners and customers makes it easy for businesses to rely on the technology trusted by many in the IT world. The global network of AWS regions further adds security to the cloud.

AWS Development Services

ManekTech has AWS experts in the house to help deploy any Amazon Cloud services you need on-site for your business.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

AWS support offers a range of tools and technology that helps developers move quickly on this cloud platform. Businesses can focus on the main work when the development environment is managed by automatic remediation. In addition, the risk mitigation and strict security standards ensure dedicated support to all businesses using AWS.

AWS maintenance can be scheduled and live according to the business requirements. In addition, the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), etc., further monitors the entire maintenance process.

AWS Integration & Migration

AWS Integration & Migration

Integrations and migrations go seamlessly with AWS development. The AWS integration is available in different categories- API management, event bus, messaging, workflows, and no-code API integrations. The respective AWS services in these categories are Amazon API gateway, AWS AppSync, Amazon EventBridge, Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), and many more.

The migration to AWS is further streamlined and easy for all businesses aiming to optimize results from cloud platforms.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

The continuous delivery offerings of AWS ensure that code changes for quick delivery automate the development. In addition, all the codes in AWS are deployed to the testing or production environment after the build stage. As a result, developers always have deployable artifacts that have already passed a standard testing process.

The absolute control of the deployment to the live production environment is in the developer’s hands only. After that, it is about the codes and development, and the advantages of AWS continuous delivery extend to quick bugs detection and quick updates.

AWS Cloud Consulting

AWS Cloud Consulting

It is best to have a helping hand when any business has the least or no knowledge of cloud technologies. The AWS cloud consulting companies offer the best-optimized implementation or migration of services. In addition, the certified AWS engineers take charge of moving the existing processes or introducing the AWS from start to business operations.

The AWS consulting partners include strategic consulting, managed service providers (MSPs), and system integrators to unlock the power of AWS cloud for global users.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

AWS infrastructure and services elevate the security levels of the IT operations. AWS offers a flexible and secure cloud computing environment for businesses to serve their clients. It includes data protection, locality, confidentiality, and other comprehensive features and services. In addition, superior visibility and quick controls ensure that the right resources are always in the hands of rightful access.

The deeply integrated services further automate the manual security tasks and offer quick code deployment. In addition, AWS itself is built with the highest standards for data security and privacy.

The Best AWS Developers For Hire

Hire end-to-end AWS developers with years of experience developing web and mobile apps for all industries.

Hire AWS Developer

Hire AWS Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • JavaScript
  • Web Architecture
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML

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We elevate your aws development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech

Services that are managed

We provide managed AWS cloud services to help you enhance your company IT infrastructure by increasing security, transparency, scalability, and device accessibility.

Best-in-Class Consultation Services

We offer end-to-end AWS consulting and development services to help businesses tackle challenging enterprise difficulties with successful AWS adoption methodologies.

Solutions with a lot of features

Our development team has extensive expertise with Amazon web services to create feature-rich mobile applications that are cross-platform compatible.

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module
Law Firm Solution

Law Firm Solution

The Law Firm Solution is extremely customizable and adaptable to any business or jurisdiction. It is accredited, secure, and has modular features, making it suitable for law firms and in-house legal departments of any size.


  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Matter Task Mapping
  • Attorney Management
  • Document Management
  • Case Management
  • Report Management
  • Account Management

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Hire aws development experts to analyze your business requirements.

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Trouble understanding AWS? Here are a few common questions to help you understand it better.

There are many remote computing services available through Amazon Web Services. It is also abbreviated as Infrastructure as a Service or IaaS. The main components of AWS include Route 53- a DNS web service, simple email service, enhanced security and identity management, etc. The other main features include a simple storage device (S3), elastic compute cloud (EC2), elastic block store (EBS), and CloudWatch to set notifications in case of any issues.

The different types of AWS cloud services include Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), data as a Service (DaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). All these services use different types of architecture and help in the easy development of software services, platform usage, and data services like storage or recovery.

The main reasons for the success of AWS are its range of services that vary from networking, mobile development, remote computing, email, servers, storage, etc. The three main products of AWS handle all about IT development and management. In addition, there is EC2 - an Amazon virtual machine service, Glacier - a low-cost cloud storage service, and S3 - Amazon's storage system.

AWS development is ideal for businesses who want to develop apps from the beginning. The low-cost migration services offered by AWS for the existing companies are highly affordable. It ensures that all industries, irrespective of their profits and margins, can use the power of cloud technology to serve their clients in the best possible way.

AWS Web services are more secure than on-premise hosting. This is because all data centers of AWS are globally spread and offer strict and continuous data monitoring. It hence helps in eliminating the data loss in cases of any regional disaster. Furthermore, the hidden locations of these data centers make it easy to prevent any planned security attacks.


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