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Machine Learning (ML) allows your software infrastructure to learn from data without having to write code. Integrating ML capabilities into software is a daunting task. It necessitates advanced programming skills and extensive algorithm training. To construct ML capabilities, ManekTech leverages cutting-edge development tools and technologies such as data mining, predictive analysis, and many more among others. We provide tailored custom software development solutions that uses machine learning, whether it's to improve the sales process or to automate a manufacturing plant. To produce extremely efficient enterprise solutions for clients, we use big data, predictive analytics, and other advanced methodologies.

Our Top-Notch Machine Learning Development Services & Solutions

We use a variety of approaches such as mathematical optimization, pattern recognition, and more to enable speedy decision making, increased productivity, and speedier anomaly detection as a machine learning solutions provider.

AI Models

AI Models

Putting in place complex and very helpful algorithms that are appropriate for your business strategy. Our data scientists and AI models will use your dataset to design algorithms that will help you overcome your main obstacles and seize new chances. You may personalize client interactions, automate internal procedures, and adopt solutions that will revolutionize how people interact with your product.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Deep Learning algorithms are used to train the system how to detect and classify individuals and objects in video content analysis. End users can save time by searching and filtering video based on specified criteria, get situational awareness by establishing rule-based alerts based on video objects and behaviors, and obtain operational intelligence by visualizing video data in dashboards and heatmaps for trend analysis.

Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

ML is very beneficial to companies that aim to increase their growth rate and become/remain industry leaders. At ManekTech we can assist you with your complete project, from data preparation through scalable deployment and production. Using the model to anticipate the provided data while keeping the expectation and performance in mind.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

To produce natural language processing, our machine learning developers use the most efficient programming tools (NLP). To build the most efficient natural language processing, we combine machine learning and computer semantics. Our NLP covers all of them, whether it's keyword extraction, spam detection, or chatbots.

Image Analytics

Image Analytics

By incorporating neural networks into your surroundings, it allows machines to overcome the challenge of text translation. Our deep learning services are designed to help you optimize your production environment, scale up your operations, and move data to the cloud or edge.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning

The foundation of high-level synthetic intelligence is known as deep learning. On the other hand, it uses a layered approach of artificial neural networks to discover scalable solutions through predictive and prospective analysis. While machine learning focuses on available data and known properties, deep learning uses a layered approach of artificial neural networks to discover scalable custom software development services through predictive and prospective analysis.

Machine Learning Platform we work on

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Allow data scientists and developers to create, implement, and manage high-quality models more quickly and confidently. With industry-leading MLOps (machine learning operations), open-source interoperability, and integrated tools, you can reduce time to value. Innovate on a safe, reliable platform built for ethical machine learning (ML).

Amazon Machine Learning

You can develop accurate predictions, acquire deeper insights from your data, reduce operational overhead, and improve customer experience using AWS machine learning (ML). AWS can help you at every stage of your machine learning adoption journey with the most comprehensive set of artificial intelligence (AI) and ML services, infrastructure, and implementation tools.

Google Machine Learning

With google machine learning services, you may achieve the competitive advantage you've been looking for in your organization. Our specialists in Google machine learning services will help you reduce operational expenses, save time, automate operations, and improve workflow efficiency.

Open Source Machine Learning Platforms

Legacy systems can be difficult to maintain and support as they get older. Because of demonstrated cost reductions, enhanced performance, dependability, and security, open-source software solutions are in high demand. The ManekTeam has extensive expertise in evaluating your environment to decide whether Open Source is a good fit for your company.

How your business can benefit


Automate your business

All types of enterprises are benefiting from machine learning. Many businesses have already started automating decision-making, making regular activities considerably easier to execute. Machine learning can help you automate mundane IT operations like security monitoring, auditing, data discovery and classification, and reporting, allowing your team to focus on the more strategic things you've always wanted to perform but never had the chance to complete.


Improve Client Segmentation

Customer segmentation used to be a difficult and time-consuming task. Customer data can be harnessed using machine learning models, which can then be used to find repeating trends across a plethora of variables. Algorithms may often assist marketing analysts in identifying client segments that would be difficult to identify using intuition and manual data analysis.


Use predictive Analytics

Predictive modeling is at the heart of it. It's more of a strategy than a method. Because predictive models often involve a machine learning algorithm, predictive analytics and machine learning go hand in hand. These models adapt to new data or values over time, producing the outcomes that the company requires. Machine learning and predictive modeling are closely related fields.


Boost Customer Satisfaction

Marketers that are well-versed in machine learning are increasingly using it to reduce the guesswork that comes with data-driven marketing. For example, using data representing a specific set of users' behavioral patterns during a trial period might assist organizations in estimating the likelihood of boosting customer satisfaction which will transit a conversion to a paid version.

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Hire expert Technology developers and develop apps that follow high-code standards, using the latest tools, technologies, and methods based on research and planning.

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Our Approach

Our Approach


Customer Relationship Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management Solution

A customer relationship management system (CRM) may provide you with a detailed picture of your customers. Everything is in one place: a simple, configurable dashboard that tells you about a client's prior interactions with you, the progress of their purchases, any remaining customer support concerns, and more.


  • Dashboard
  • Worksheet
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Reports
  • Utilities
  • Follow-up
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Payment Report
Dating Application

Dating Application

After Tinder's revolution in 2012, the dating app niche is still alive and well. The way we find someone to date has entirely altered thanks to contemporary technology, and internet dating is no longer frowned upon.


  • Simple Login
  • Location fetching
  • Chat Online
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Calling
  • VIP Membership
  • Nearby People
  • Advanced Search Filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Python is without a doubt the best tool for developing machine learning products. It's the best because of its ease of use, versatility, and talent pool. It's easy to use and may be used to a variety of fields, including complex machine learning.

An ML developer, in a nutshell, is someone who constructs, tunes, or trains models. Machine learning, which is at the intersection of data and AI, necessitates good data analysis skills, strong math skills, and developing skills in order to construct models and use them for automation and other purposes.

We develop innovative machine learning products for a variety of sectors. We can assess and customize the most applicable algorithms for your project thanks to our strong expertise in AI, ML, RPA, and data processing.

The price of machine learning development varies according to your needs. If you only need basic functionality, the costs are significantly lower. ManekTech provides affordable machine learning development services.

Artificial intelligence includes natural language processing (NLP). It makes use of computational linguistics, which allows for text parsing and linguistic interpretation. NLP allows computers to learn, analyze, and comprehend human speech.


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