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An Insight into How We Plan, Implement and Execute Our Well-Defined Processes

Proper planning is a prerequisite for faultless execution and that’s why our methodology means so much to us. Regardless of a project’s complexity, we adhere to our development process to ensure that every aspect of our client’s project is covered and that we deliver our clients with nothing less than the best. Given below is a step-wise info of our process that helps clients to understand how we think, how we plan, how we iterate and how we create.

1. Strategize

A strategy is a business-critical step as it aims at unification of predefined goals. By evaluating projects from every angle and every aspect, we help clients differentiate between the wanted and the unwanted, therefore de-cluttering the useless parts and keeping the necessary ones. Once assortment part is over, we now take the prerequisites to sketch the final ideas, prepare the documents and finally develop a full-proof plan with proper designing and development strategy, one that helps in envisaging the future.

2. Ensemble Team

Based on our analysis and final review, we guide our clients in engaging with the most profitable solutions of ManekTech which include proper selection of technologies along with building an ensemble team of designers, developers, and testers. We already have predefined models which are flexible enough to fit with our clients’ timings, but these models can be personalized to make them absolutely fitting as per client’s requests.

3. UX/ UI Design

Designing becomes crucial for building a captivating website. Designs empower businesses with customer attention and increased visibility thereby boosting online presence. Digital solutions fuelled with stunning and user-friendly interfaces account for achievement of unparalleled benefits. ManekTech puts forth its best foot when it comes to creation of flawless designs that offer effortless browsing. In addition, we have an agile approach to designing and developing to keep our clients in the development loop. Our designing protocols involve defining clear wireframes and prototypes along with detailed design research.

4. Development and Deployment

Starting right from defining the frontend and backend technologies to testing prototypes and final product, our development and deployment step is an all-inclusive process which promote overall progress of an application. While our developers work with laser-like focus to serve clients with fully-functional, state-of-art digital solutions, our team of testers perform meticulous testing, both manual and automated, to ensure that products delivered stand true on quality and can withstand the test of time with their fine-tuned performance.

Our deployment process involves releasing your app into the market and providing on-going support and maintenance services to assure its smooth operation. With regular monitoring and timely updates, we ensure flawless functioning of our client’s apps and systems.

Our entailed development process makes sure that our clients never have to worry about anything product-related. This detailing becomes necessary as it helps clients to know us better and be ready with their coursework before they approach us.

How we do it?

Project planning is preference to determining the overall goals and objectives of the business analysis. The most important stage in the entire project without analysis and research project success of any company.



We leverage the ever-changing tech world with precision. Our team of experts learns the trending technologies and adapts to them, so our clients receive the best solutions. From matching the steps of innovative technologies to learning new tools, we ensure to move along the fast-paced tech industry. We believe in constant learning and that is what makes ManekTech your ultimate partner for software development services.

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We always devise a strategic plan before kickstarting the project. Being a leading software development company, ManekTech knows what its clients desire. Our team conducts thorough research on the possible solutions and creates a plan accordingly. We aim to deliver the best outcomes to our clients for clear business achievements and guaranteed results.

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No website, software, or app works well without an engaging, responsive, and good-quality design. Only an expert UI/UX designer can provide high-class designs that define your business as well. ManekTech has a highly trained and talented pool of UI/UX designers who deliver user-friendly and appealing designs. No matter how complex or simple your design requirements are, our designers will always provide impressive solutions.

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We build your software with utmost precision and sincerity. The building stage is a prominent one, and we put our soul into delivering the best results. ManekTech works on the motto of providing perfection, we employ the latest technology to build your software. Our developers are highly trained professionals with years of experience. We have been building top-notch software for decades and that's what we excel in.

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Launching your business online can be overwhelming. This is why ManekTech never leaves your side. Once you hire us for your work, we ensure to serve you till the end. Our dedicated team launches your app or website after conducting multiple tests at every stage. This is done to make sure that the audience sees a perfectly-developed website or app with zero bugs.

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Providing high-class services to our clients through trending technologies. Our support and maintenance team is always on its toes to serve you with the best solutions. From upgrades to the app and website maintenance, our support team provides adequate solutions for effective results. We even solve your issues after the project delivery to ensure steady workflow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We always value and respect our employees' personal beliefs and decisions. We provide a platform for our team to demonstrate their distinct abilities. Check out these common queries which linger on your mind before approaching.

Yes. We would love to accommodate you with the right pool of development experts. Hire the best developers based on your project requirements.

Absolutely. We deliver full-cycle custom product development with further product support and maintenance.

Yes, we recognize the value of our client's information and data, and we sign NDAs at their request.

Dedicated hiring - Do you need a team to work on a significant project for you on an ongoing basis? For you, dedicated hiring is the ideal option. Pay as you go on a monthly basis.

Time and materials-based recruiting - If the scope of your project isn't clear, go with a Time and Materials-based methodology. Get developers for as many hours as you need, depending on your needs.

Fixed pricing model - You can use a fixed pricing model if your project scope is determined. Hire the entire staff you'll need and pay in increments.

Agile is one of our favorites! We enable our clients to actively participate in their projects using Agile, giving them the opportunity to incorporate new ideas and comments while guaranteeing that the same devoted team is working on their projects.

If you are dissatisfied with the project, we will meet with you through video conference to better understand your pain points and give you appropriate answers and alternatives. Our developers will continue to improve those trouble spots till you are satisfied.

We have a lot of expertise with various types of IT services. Mobile App Development, Web Design & Development, Software Development, E-Commerce Application Development, Custom Web Application Development, CMS Programming, Open Source Application Development, and Software Migration & Application Maintenance are some of our areas of experience. We've also developed competence in IoT, AR, and VR application development.

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