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With ManekTech, connect AR technology with augmenting elements and mix the real world with a hint of your imagination. Our Augmented reality app development services make it easier for you to build a unique and engaging application for your business.


Choose AR App Development For Your Business And Thrive

Using the latest AR technology, ManekTech can help you build apps that cater to your customers’ needs. We can develop apps with the most futuristic features like virtual try-on, AR live view, and more. Our developers and project managers brainstorm ideas to create AR apps that can positively impact your customers’ minds.

With our Augmented Reality app development services, you get high-quality apps that instantly allow your customers to experience the latest technology. So take advantage of the evolved technology to stay ahead of your competitors and stay competitive with ManekTech.

Our VR studio team is made up of both creative and technical expertise.

Augmented Reality App Development Services

AR app development services offered by MankTech are one-stop solutions that help you build, run, migrate, and manage your AR apps.

AR Mobile App Development

AR Mobile App Development

Using the latest AR app development technology, ManekTech assists you in building amazing mobile apps. We can add features that allow your users to take their surroundings and add AR filters to them. You can also use our services for VR game development and create futuristic and engaging games with realistic features.

Our services help you in creating user-centric and engaging AR VR mobile apps. By allowing us to make an app for you, you will ensure that your customers love it. Utilizing the latest technology, we provide services that help you grow organically.

eCommerce and mCommerce Application Development

eCommerce and mCommerce Application Development

With ManekTech, leverage our Augmented Reality app development services to create eCommerce apps and entice users with new technology and functionality. We in-built the latest features which help you attract new customers and keep the existing ones in your hands with highly interactive AR apps features.

We can incorporate the most trending features with you: virtual try-on, social-media filters, preview placements, and more when your customers get the AR experience of the products they want to buy and try them in real-time, the possibility of buying them increases.

Education & eLearning AR App Development

Education & eLearning AR App Development

If you are planning to launch an education-based app, ManekTech is the perfect partner for your project. We develop apps that ensure that your user’s learning never stops as it offers a whole new learning atmosphere. In addition, the app is based on AR technology, allowing you to present edu-based information more efficiently to end-users.

Build innovative eLearning apps and use our AR VR consultants to make modern and interactive apps with ManekTech. Our team uses the latest technologies, including WIKITUDE, UNITY 5, to develop educational AR apps for you. So share with us your requirements, and we will fulfill them for you.

Image Recognition, Navigation, and Maps

Image Recognition, Navigation, and Maps

Using AR technology, we can make apps that offer features like navigation and map apps for your users. You can also get Real View navigation, Street View, and more with our AR app development. Using AR, VR, and 3D reconstruction, our team of developers builds new visionary apps that make it easier for your users to find their way worldwide.

All the apps we create have features to incorporate data from hundreds of sensors simultaneously. This allows users to get actionable and valuable information about the environment using your AR apps on their mobile. We can also make apps that will enable recognizing any image and finding it on the internet.

Marketing and Medical Apps with AR Implementation

Marketing and Medical Apps with AR Implementation

We develop AR apps that you can use to offer unique interactive features to market your medical products. It also matches the end-users needs and ensures that they can easily add the products to their carts. If you want, we can customize it and add features that can connect your customers directly to the medical manufacturers for the products they want to buy.

Our experts can also implement AR technology in the medical field by using augmented elements with real-world components. So rest assured, you get to improve the quality of healthcare services substantially by implementing AR app development services.

Maintenance and Support Services

Maintenance and Support Services

Every app build needs to be updated and maintained frequently to make it work seamlessly. The same goes for augmented reality apps. With constant maintenance and support services, the apps stay operational 24/7 and cater to the needs of your customers and users.

Our Augmented Reality app development services come with a trusted team of developers who guide you through the process of app building and maintenance. In addition, our services provide excellent customer service and privacy to keep things running smoothly for you.

AR Consulting

AR Consulting

Take your business to the next level by using our excellent Augmented Reality app development solutions. We offer AR consulting with our team of experts and help you understand your business’s needs. Our consultation enables you to build an app to fulfill the end needs of your customers.

We make it a priority to help you understand all the steps to building the perfect app with the best AR features. We also suggest which features you can include to attract more target audiences.

Technology Expertise We Mirror With Our AR App Development Solutions

When you choose us, you get experts who have experience with Augmented Reality SDK platforms, C++, and other programming languages.



Using Vuforia, our AR app development services help you integrate revolutionary AR technology into your apps. For example, Vuforia recognizes and tracks planar images using computer vision technology, allowing you to put virtual 3D objects with real-world objects on the camera screen.


Facebook AR Studio

Facebook AR Studio or Spark AR Studio is a powerful tool created by Facebook. With this tool, your users can experience interactive AR experiences on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, we ensure that you can make popular filters and products with the help of their features.


Snapchat Lens Studio

Our services are also extended to the Snapchat Lens Studio, where we help you create Augmented Reality experiences. Our objective is to help you get your product to reach thousands and millions of Snapchatters all around the world.


Amazon Sumerian

We leverage Amazon Sumerian, a service provided by Amazon, so that your users can run 3D, AR, and VR apps effortlessly. In addition, we provide solutions to make the app-building process easier for you and help you build amazing apps for your business.


Apple ARKit

Our AR app developers use Apple ARKit, an excellent platform for iOS users, to build apps with the latest Augmented Reality features. We, at ManekTech, assure you the best services to help you develop your apps in Apple ARKit with our iOS app development experts.


Google ARCore

If you want to build your AR app on the trusted Google ARRCore app, ManekTech is the right choice. With their knowledge of Unity3D and Java, our Android App development experts can help you make the best AR apps with highly interactive features.



Layar is another great AR developing platform where our developers with expert knowledge of PHP, Java, and C# can unlock their full potential. We help you build a great AR application fulfilling your needs using Layar.



If you want to build a location-based AR app, we are here. Our AR development service experts with excellent Wikitude knowledge can help you create great location-based applications. In addition, expertise in JavaScript, PHP, and more makes our developers a valuable addition to your business.



If your business needs an AR app focusing on industrial and spatial aspects, our experts with Maxst AR SDK can help you create a unique and engaging app. We have years of experience using Maxst and achievements to prove our team’s unmatched talents.

Why Choose Us as Your AR App Development Company To Develop AR Apps For You?

ManekTech has been working with AR app development for a long time. We have 12+ developers who have technical proficiency in working across diverse platforms. In addition, our business solutions are custom-made to meet your business needs, focusing on creating apps tailored to your needs.

Our developers are dependable and deliver apps in a quick and trustworthy manner. Some other perks of choosing ManekTech are:

  1. ManekTech provides excellent service quality and makes the app building process hassle-free. Our developers are interactive and engage with you in all the steps while building the perfect AR app for you.
  2. You only have to pay for the service you get! We calculate our prices according to the product we deliver, making sure to provide you with the best AR app on the market.
  3. We offer custom solutions for all platforms like iOS, Android, or wearable devices. In addition, ManekTech helps you build apps enriched with AR features making your apps one-of-a-kind.
  4. ManekTech ensures your information remains safe and secure no matter which platform you choose. All the apps we provide have encrypted security systems that keep your customer’s information secure.
  5. ManekTech guarantees timely delivery of all its products. Our team of developers works in a systemized environment which ensures punctuality with all our services.

Set up a Meeting with Our AR App Developers now!

Secure a team of ManekTech developers and build amazing AR apps. 

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Customer Relationship Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management Solution

A customer relationship management system (CRM) may provide you with a detailed picture of your customers. Everything is in one place: a simple, configurable dashboard that tells you about a client's prior interactions with you, the progress of their purchases, any remaining customer support concerns, and more.


  • Dashboard
  • Worksheet
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Reports
  • Utilities
  • Follow-up
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Payment Report
Dating Application

Dating Application

After Tinder's revolution in 2012, the dating app niche is still alive and well. The way we find someone to date has entirely altered thanks to contemporary technology, and internet dating is no longer frowned upon.


  • Simple Login
  • Location fetching
  • Chat Online
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Calling
  • VIP Membership
  • Nearby People
  • Advanced Search Filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team has answered some questions about AR app development. If they do not clear your doubts, feel free to contact us and find out more!

To ensure our customers don't feel left out, ManekTech operates with zero transparency. Every month a progress report with details on the app development process is sent to the client. We also regularly interact with clients via messages, emails, and calls to keep them in the loop.

The cost for all of our app development services depends on the app’s functionality and quality. The simplistic apps have low-cost, but more complex apps with more features have comparatively higher pricing. We, at ManekTech, always ensure the most optimal pricing for our services to keep our clients satisfied.

There are primarily five stages of AR app development. They are:

  • Pre-design: Defining the objective of the AR app development.
  • Design: Designing the blueprint of the AR app for developers.
  • Development: Developing the complete source code for the app.
  • Deployment: Deploying an AR app in the market.
  • Support: Maintaining your app, keeping it secure and bug-free.

The time to develop an AR app also depends on the complexity and functionality of the app. A standard app can take 2-3 weeks to complete. While a custom app with customized features to fulfill all your needs can take up to 3 to 9 months. If you have a deadline for your AR app, you can always contact us and discuss the duration.

Yes, we offer services to enhance existing AR apps to make them more user-centric. In addition, we ensure all our apps, whether built from scratch or enhanced, have the latest technical features which make them well received by the end-customers. ManekTech serves all your needs with the best developers to build the perfect AR apps for your business.

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