Building Silverlight Apps that Offer Sparkling Performance

Silverlight has remained popular among developers for building rich web apps as this framework is hassle-free yet rational. When ManekTech’s high-tech infrastructure meets Silverlight’s robustness, it gives rise to feature-rich, intuitive web applications.

Silverlight Silverlight

Enrich Your Apps Graphically with Silverlight Development Services

Powered by .NET framework, Silverlight is another constructive Microsoft product that covers few vital core technologies for building high-end web applications. Its cross-browser compatibility along with its compatibility across multiple operating systems and devices gives it an extra edge. With features like Deep Zoom, Pixel Shader and PivotViewer, Silverlight gives apps that extra zing required to pep up their overall view and operations.

ManekTech retains a world-class team of Silverlight developers who constantly strive to deliver cross-browser and cross-operating system solutions including eCommerce development, useful portals and intuitive multimedia add-ons. Our experts have sound knowledge of Microsoft Silverlight framework which gives them the ability to offer extensible solutions to enhance interactive user experience and encourage optimum resource usage. Our vast industry exposure helps us in delivering high-quality video streaming and graphically enriched websites.

Silverlight Development Services

Silverlight Application Development

Silverlight Application Development

As a Microsoft product, Silverlight has its own perks like being trusted by businesses to get steadfast development. At Manektech, we present clients with high tech Silverlight application development services that lead to creation of unique, intricate web applications which can perform seamlessly across multiple devices. We blend Microsoft assets with other third-party applications to stream multimedia content in your application. Our dedicated developers ensure optimization of this technology to develop blazingly fast performing applications.

Silverlight UI Development

Silverlight UI Development

Manektech offers Silverlight UI development services as it creates an interactive experience for end-users. Starting from simple pixel-based layouts to customized, flexible and fluid designs, we provide a wide range of user interface elements in the dashboard. We build structure of Silverlight UI with a focus on Grids, Canvas, and Stack Panel. Our Silverlight designers take special care of crucial elements during the creation of app’s interface like aligning of design with content, margins and spaces. Our designers ensure uniformity and responsiveness in all elements so that your apps can clearly communicate your brand’s messages to your consumers.

Silverlight Plug-in Development

Silverlight Plug-in Development

ManekTech’s Silverlight plug-in development services provide rich multimedia content such as animation and video flashback combined with other enticing features to make your website stand out. Plug-ins developed by our Silverlight programmers are meant to extend functionalities of your system and to ensure its compatibility with the latest technologies. We see to it that with this particular Silverlight development service, we are capable of delivering desired results to our clients by expanding their web apps according to their needs.

RIA (Rich Internet Application) Development

RIA (Rich Internet Application) Development

Dynamic Rich Internet Application or RIA is largely required and supported by start-ups and mid-sized businesses as such applications are instilled with several characteristics of a desktop app but need lesser time to develop, consume less resources and of course reduce overall development time. Apart from this, rich internet development also reduces debugging time.

ManekTech provides its clients with the definite benefits of RIA development with Silverlight by creating dynamically reactive and exceptionally operative RIAs.

Our Rich Internet Application solutions are highly customized as per client’s business requirement and are embedded with simplified range of navigation systems for furnishing end users with impressive browsing experience.

XAML Development

XAML Development

Silverlight uses XAML based templates to define designing attributes and the advantage lies in reaching the templates and tweaking the elements to bring more precision. XAML development of Silverlight is an empowering service with which styling and skinning the templates become absolutely effortless. ManekTech ensures that our clients get the benefits too with our personalized XAML development and make their overall web appearance more enticing for end users. Our XAML development with Silverlight offers graphic convenience for bitmaps and also provides text support for animation.

Silverlight Support and Maintenance

Silverlight Support and Maintenance

At ManekTech, we work round the clock to give all our support in maintaining your Silverlight applications. Our team resolves all bugs and issues on an immediate basis. Our Silverlight programmers are available 24*7 to address all your technical as well non-technical issues that your app encounters. We ensure that your Silverlight applications are upgraded and maintained for its optimum performance. We also carry out performance monitoring and its fine-tuning with timely add-ons and integrations.

Hire Silverlight Developers

Hire Silverlight Developers

ManekTech has highly skilled and trained Silverlight professionals who have worked on several applications and can handle personalized operations which are necessary for boosting our clients’ online presence. Our team also has a strong background for developing intelligent applications and solutions that are meant to make enterprises more profitable by maximizing their ROIs. We hire Silverlight programmers who possess expertise in building multimedia apps enriched with befitting graphical representations that offer a whole new look to your business app.

Hire Silverlight developers from ManekTech to get some solid benefits like:

- Flexible hiring models for affordable Silverlight development

- Customised plug-ins to improve overall functions

- Personalized GUI with XAML development

- Multimedia applications with uninterrupted streaming of videos and audios

Hire Silverlight Developer

We have a dedicated team of Silverlight developers who work exclusively on your project and leverage Silverlight’s native technologies to build applications that can seamlessly support high resolution images along with high-definition audios and videos.

Hire Silverlight Developer

Hire Silverlight Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
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  • HTML

Hire Silverlight Developer

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We elevate your silverlight development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech for Silverlight Application Development?

ManekTech has vast experience in Microsoft’s Silverlight and our dedicated developers can effectively use this cross-browser and cross-platform compatible plug-in to create magnificent, media-based applications. Our Silverlight solutions allow our clients to smoothen their web application performance on multiple operating systems as well. Whether you are looking for intensive integration for your web application or you want quick yet effective RIA development, we are ready to handle it all.

Join us in this productive journey and get the sure shot benefits of our Silverlight application development services which include:

Integration with various advanced tools such as XAML, WPF, WCF, and HTML to fulfil customized app development requirements

Extensive support for third-party apps for all-round optimization

Multimedia integration with premium quality video and audio experience

RIAs for speedy development and stunning applications with reduced time and cost

State-of-art Silverlight web development services to uplift the potential of your application

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

Maximize Business ROI With Our Silverlight Development Services

Hire silverlight development experts to analyze your business requirements and develop a mobile app

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Frequently Asked Questions

ASP.NET empowers your server-side programming with security, whereas Silverlight framework operates within the client’s sandbox. Thus, it ensures security via using WCF for authentication. Most applications are made by combining both ASP.NET and Silverlight.

When you need to illustrate any output in a graphical form, you can integrate with Silverlight services. For example, you can use Silverlight in healthcare applications to stimulate a patient’s ECG in polyline2-D graphic elements rendered by Silverlight.

Silverlight uses WCF security features to secure your communication. One can also use the Security Socket Layer abbreviated as the SSL transport security mechanism for security purposes.

Silverlight applications are probably hosted in ASP.NET webpage, but they can be hosted on HTML pages. The end-user can also make an HTTP request to the ASP.NET page to make Silverlight applications available on the browser.

ManekTech helps to scale up your website’s productivity by offering customized services, and you can also hire Silverlight developers. We provide the following services:

  • Silverlight Application development
  • Silverlight UI development
  • Plugin development
  • Maintenance
  • Rich internet app development
  • XAML development
  • Microsoft Silverlight development
  • Silverlight web development

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