Amplifying Overall Performance of Websites with Cutting Edge Web Components of PolymerJS

Engage in ManekTech’s PolymerJS development services to discover the limitless library of state-of-art web components. Let our frontend engineers implement Polymer’s supremacy and come up with remodelled, avant-garde web applications.

Polymer.JS Polymer.JS

Binding Power of Our PolymerJS Development Services

Launched by Google, Polymer is yet another open-source, improvised JavaScript library that’s been created to confer developers with the freedom to create custom elements which in turn brings code redundancy in the development process and serves as a big timesaver. PolymerJS brings along a relatively new trend of technologies for building Web Components specifically designed to amplify HTML assets. Its USP is that developers can create their very own HTML elements and then mould them into completely functional, scalable and extensible web apps. Polymer is already in use by Google for its applications like YouTube and restructured Google Earth. The big names utilizing Polymer also include Netflix and ComCast.

Coming to ManekTech’s PolymerJS development services, it’s all about putting the brilliant ideas of our developers into your web applications. Getting your website enhanced with desired features have never been so easy. By leveraging Polymer, we design web applications that are customized using a built-in data binding model along with interoperability and conformability to standard app development. So whether you are looking out for a specific widget or a feature, our Polymer.js development services will ensure that you have it on your website.

Polymer.js Web Development Services

Custom Polymer.js Development

Custom Polymer.js Development

ManekTech’s certified team of programmers can work expediently with PolymerJS to create customized and reusable web elements with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Web components developed at ManekTech with PolymerJS are highly compatible with other applications too which allow room for more customization. Our custom PolymerJS development services make use of Google material designs for smooth yet elegant development of hybrid mobile appss for clients. Another definite benefit of ManekTech’s custom Polymer.JS development is that it leverages a browser’s native technologies along with custom elements and template elements to make web apps more responsive and collaborative.

Polymer API Development

Polymer API Development

Polymer.JS has separate set of web components as its API, which is different from its main library. ManekTech can design and develop exclusive web applications with tactical use of Polymer.JS APIs. It also has some syntactic sugars through which our team of developers can build web components that are more manageable and faster. Our Polymer.JS API development services make efficient and wise use of the following elements that help in creation of exclusive applications:

  • Use of iron elements (the utility set) for creation of basic layout designing
  • Google web components to provide Google APIs and integrate Google services like YouTube, Maps, etc.
  • Utilisation of platinum elements for integrating critical web functionalities
  • Gold elements meant exclusively for integration eCommerce features and enhance business applications
Polymer.JS Consulting Services

Polymer.JS Consulting Services

When joined with Polymer’s web components, a web application can be extended with innovative features like enhanced images, better response and faster processing along with the latest web elements. But, apps of different industry verticals come with different sets of requirements. So to provide précised attributes, we have one-to-one virtual conversations with our clients to get a deeper understanding of their business needs. Our Polymer.JS consulting services help us to understand the business models of our clients so that we can select the most compatible Polymer web components for their applications’ modernization and optimization.

Polymer UI/UX for Web and Mobile Apps

Polymer UI/UX for Web and Mobile Apps

At ManekTech, we offer clients with a wide-range of Polymer.JS development services to boost their websites’ functioning and in turn increase conversion rate, and our Polymer UI/UX designing service is among one of those. The key purpose of UI/UX design for mobile and web apps is to amplify our client’s applications with uniformly decorated interfaces that align them with their respective brand’s values. We also incorporate resourceful tools from Google Material Design for visual styling. Our developers are also adept with the latest versions of Polymer to design improvised interfaces with better architecture, cleaner codes and appealing designs.

Polymer Migration & Upgrade Services

Polymer Migration & Upgrade Services

ManekTech’s Polymer migration and upgrade services are meant to assist you in smooth version transitions of your current apps. We also upgrade your applications with additional features with the help of Polymer’s exceptional element-based extensibility. Our designers are trained to redesign websites and mobile applications to renovate them with a refreshed look and enhanced performance. We give you step-by-step guidance in migrating from your existing domain to a new one and also in further enriching its features without perturbing its secured architecture or database system. Go for ManekTech’s migration and upgrade services to get a hassle-free refurbishing of your website.

Polymer.js Support and Maintenance

Polymer.js Support and Maintenance

Polymer.JS maintenance and support services of ManekTech aren’t here to just solve your queries. We have a dedicated team of programmers who ensure that any issue faced with our Polymer.JS apps is resolved immediately. Whether you face data-binding issue, theme complications or on-boarding difficulties, our experts are right here at your service. By maintaining a seamless communication with our clients, we are able to understand their performance issues on time. But, we also keep performing periodic health-checks to examine, handle and solve the following issues:

  • Technical problems with configuration management and software updates
  • Data handling and management especially during migration
  • Cache clearance with bug-fixing
  • Code audits and maintenance along with incident management
  • Quality testing and analysis done thoroughly
Hire Polymer.JS Developers

Hire Polymer.JS Developers

At ManekTech, we work with a team of certified and highly qualified Polymer professionals to provide our clients’ with out-of-box and avant-garde web components, ones that are unique unto their apps. Our team comprises of experienced Polymer.JS professionals who offer holistic and the most feasible web augmentation solutions to our clientele of diverse industrial sectors. Hire Polymer.js Developers at ManekTech to avail the following benefits:

  • Polymer.js custom development for robust website solutions
  • HTML page development with exclusive designing elements
  • Rich, powerful, and reusable Polymer website component development.
  • On-time, quality product delivery
  • Round the clock support service to keep your apps in shape

Hire Polymer.JS Developer

The key to constructive use of Polymer lies in leveraging its tools by proficient frontend developers and that’s exactly what’s done by our Polymer.JS programmers. Hire Polymer.JS developer from ManekTech to get contemporary applications developed with optimum utilization of a browser’s native technologies combined with the efficacy of Polymer’s web components

Hire PolymerJs Developer

Hire PolymerJs Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • JavaScript
  • Web Architecture
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML

Hire Polymer.JS Developer

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We elevate your polymer.js development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech for Polymer.js Development?

ManekTech’s assorted array of Polymer.JS development services attempt to redesign an app’s serviceability and make customized web elements even more efficient across all devices. At ManekTech, we put the pragmatism of Polymer to its rightful use by enabling it to facilitate our client’s business with rapid development and technical penetration. By joining our team, you get the following advantages:

Certified developers who are updated with the latest Polymer.JS tech trends

Creation of customize hybrid mobile applications with integration of Google Material Designs

Development of altogether freshly designed templates for your websites to integrate HTML, CSS, and Javascript that are easy to use and are compatible with other applications

Appropriate use of web components for code redundancy and reusability

Smooth migration and timely maintenance of applications along with adoption and incorporation of innovative technologies

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

Maximize Business ROI With Our Polymer Js Development Services

Intrigued by Polymer but confused about its usability? Get in touch with ManekTech’s consultants and learn all that you want to about Polymer and our Polymer.JS services. We are just a click away.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Intrigued by Polymer but confused about its usability? Get in touch with ManekTech’s consultants and learn all that you want to about Polymer and our Polymer.JS services. We are just a click away.

Polymer.js USP is that it allows developers to create customized websites without being spun into the browser. Some of the unique features of Polymer.js are:

  • It is CSS,HTML and encapsulated.
  • Polymer allows shadow DOM and offers several unique templating functions.
  • It allows designing responsive websites with features that are difficult in any other JavaScript libraries.
  • It facilitates incorporating innovative properties, methods, and libraries into HTML pages.

A Polymer structure comprises Foundation and Elements. The Foundation offers a roadmap to build the final application and includes animation, HTML page, custom element, encapsulate structure & site. Whereas, Elements are the user interface and non-user interface components. Both of them share similarities with the Angular element directives.

Polymer is a Google-offered library created from web components, and it works best in speeding the web application development process. And unlike Polymer, Angular supports various high-level APIs since it has a complete framework. However, Polymer APIs have their own library, which is self-sufficient to build effective, responsive, and scalable web development solutions.

Choosing a Polymer library offers various benefits. It eases the software blocks development using web components, has universal codes, offers high performance, is easy to scale, and compatible with multiple browsers. Further, Google continually keeps on updating the library and adds new features with advanced capabilities.

Custom elements, Shadow DOM, HTML templates, and HTML imports are the USPs of Polymer.js custom development. It becomes profitable to hire Polymer.js developers when:

  • You desire to create a customized HTML element.
  • You want to add a new feature to any existing element in your website.
  • You aim to develop a website that is compatible with all the W3C standards.
  • You are looking for matching componentized web development standards.


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