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Smart TVs are multiplying due to the number of intelligent appliances and smart TVs integration into modern lifestyles. Due to this, smart app development has grown in popularity to facilitate user interaction across multiple platforms and devices. To help adapt to these rapid changes, ManekTech offers agile, smart TV development services.

In addition to developing apps for Apple, Amazon, Tizen, Android, and several other platforms, we're also the leading and trustworthy Smart TV app development company. With our smart TV development services, we help you enhance visibility and reach out to your potential clients.

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By integrating the latest technologies, ManekTech builds Smart TV Apps that encourage binge-watching with the most cutting-edge features.

Smart TV Apps Development

Smart TV Apps Development

We develop Smart TV apps within the TV's operating system using the expertise of our Smart TV app developer team. Smart TV apps created by our team allow the user to stream internet content on TV screens and have TV-specific features. Furthermore, the smart TV apps are user-centric, have multi-lingual support, and have the highest security level.

Our developer team has a deep understanding of platform-specific SDKs. They are also knowledgeable about HTML, CT-HTML, Java, AjAX, which help develop interactive Smart TV applications.

Smart TV Apps UI UX Design

Smart TV Apps UI UX Design

Developers at ManekTech have acquired invaluable knowledge, experience, and skills for robust UI/UX design by developing Smart TV applications. Our methods for approaching every product incorporate the Data-Driven decision’s approach. First, we understand user requirements and then create a user-friendly interface for Smart TV apps.

Also, our developer team considers behavioral science to design user-centric Smart TV apps. So make a good investment and make your product stand out from the crowd with ManekTech Smart TV app development.

Smart TV Apps Integration and Migration

Smart TV Apps Integration and Migration

ManekTech uses only the best practices to manage your data, thereby reducing risks and eliminating errors. Our smart TV app migration and integration experts deliver seamless and successful integration services with their immense knowledge and skills.

We use custom integrations to improve smart TV applications’ performance and capabilities. Regardless of the platform you built your streaming app on, we can easily migrate it to popular OTT platforms.

Smart TV Apps Testing

Smart TV Apps Testing

Testing and optimizing Smart TV applications from end-to-end is carried out using a comprehensive set of frameworks. The latest tools and techniques for fine-tuning the viewer experience and optimizing performance are used at ManekTech.

In our testing ecosystem, we use multiple connected TV devices to effectively and accurately test applications on various platforms. In addition, we use a comprehensive set of tools, frameworks, and techniques. Thus, the viewer experience will be enhanced, and the performance is also optimized.

Smart TV Apps Support and Maintenance

Smart TV Apps Support and Maintenance

We continue to support and maintain your Smart TV application long after we have delivered the final product. ManekTech continuously tracks applications for system failures by monitoring their applications and services.

Our experts continuously monitor Smart TV applications in real-time to ensure maximum availability and minimal downtime. Improved user experience and higher ROI are the direct results of top-notch support and maintenance services from ManekTech.

Hire Developers for TV Application Development

We design apps with user-friendly interfaces that give top-notch performance using a combination of cutting-edge frameworks and technologies.

Hire ASP .NET Developers

Hire ASP .NET Developers

6+ years of experience

Mahvir is a certified full stack .Net Developer with 6+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about and MVC tool.

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  • DNN
  • Hotcakes
  • MVC
  • SSIS
Hire Java Developer

Hire Java Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced Java Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about Java development.

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  • Web Architecture
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • JAVA

Latest Technologies Used by ManekTech

ManekTech uses best market practices to deliver high-quality products to clients. And we work with the latest technologies to provide the best quality.


As part of our commitment to deliver significant value to our clients, we use the latest technologies. Smart TV using Java offers engaging experiences. And with our flexible development process, we ensure the application is compatible with all third-party devices.


Our smart TV app development services create agile, smart iOS TVs. We provide extraordinary user experiences with UHD resolutions and HDR10. For an even more intuitive, interactive, and engaging product, we also offer Picture in Picture and multi-user support at ManekTech.


Build smart android TV applications with ManekTech that let your users experience high-quality products. LeanBack libraries and APIs allow you to build great remote control experiences. Run your smart TV on android operating systems like TV, computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Customer Relationship Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management Solution

A customer relationship management system (CRM) may provide you with a detailed picture of your customers. Everything is in one place: a simple, configurable dashboard that tells you about a client's prior interactions with you, the progress of their purchases, any remaining customer support concerns, and more.


  • Dashboard
  • Worksheet
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Reports
  • Utilities
  • Follow-up
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Payment Report
Dating Application

Dating Application

After Tinder's revolution in 2012, the dating app niche is still alive and well. The way we find someone to date has entirely altered thanks to contemporary technology, and internet dating is no longer frowned upon.


  • Simple Login
  • Location fetching
  • Chat Online
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Calling
  • VIP Membership
  • Nearby People
  • Advanced Search Filters

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Develop Smart TV apps development services with cutting-edge solutions.

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Get all your confusion cleared by ManekTech. Our team of smart TV app developers is highly experienced in resolving your queries about the smart TV app.

Streaming music and videos, browsing the web, and viewing images are all possible on a Smart TV, an updated version of traditional television. TV sets and set-top boxes can also offer Internet TV (IPTV) on top of providing standard broadcast content. In addition, online interactive media and streaming media-on-demand are available.

While developing Smart TV applications, we ensure to offer a seamless experience to the user. Some crucial points to keep notice of:Choosing the right approach or technique to develop the appDeveloping a user-friendly interfaceCreating great Smart TV applications by focusing on UX principles

You can use Smart TV apps to stream media content, run an app marketplace, play games, use eCommerce applications, etc. Additionally, new functionality and apps can be integrated into existing apps for better compatibility. Our developer team has all the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver the product as per your requirement.

We believe that building successful brands and memorable experiences for users requires the right mix of people, processes, and passion. And the development of Smart TV applications requires precision, creativity, and expertise. Furthermore, we design live streaming applications based on an analysis of the user journey.

Developing a successful smart TV app is mainly dependent on the developer team’s expertise and skills. We will fully understand your development needs before even starting the process. Our developer team has specific expertise with the app’s technology and experience building apps in your particular field.

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