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Our esteemed client, a leading firm responsible for managing numerous diverse projects, has been utilizing other open-source tools for project management. However, this tasks management software has created many challenges for the client that prompted him to seek a comprehensive task management solution to streamline project assignment and tracking for teams and individual users.


Our client has a Digital Marketing Agency with 200+ employees and managed 250+ projects using open-source tools like Trello and Google Sheets. Using the open-source tools, it was challenging to maintain the time log for every person working on the project and files. The client wanted task manager software that could easily allow the user to assign and track different users' and teams' projects and tasks.


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As per the client's requirement, our team suggested and developed a work and task management software that allows the admin user to add the projects, add members, and assign tasks to the multiple users working on the project. The user will have to enter the start time before starting any task and stop the timer on completion. This work management software also allows the user to track how long they are taking to complete the task. This team project management software will undoubtedly benefit the client to organize everything; this is time efficient, too.

  • Project Planning: This feature in the task management platform allows people to add new projects that can be divided into multiple tasks. Admin can assign the project manager for a particular project, and the project manager can further assign tasks to other users.
  • Task Assignments: This module will help the project managers assign tasks to different team members working on a particular project/ task.
  • Time Tracking: As soon as the task is added and assigned to a user, the user and all associated members with the project/ task will receive an email notification, and the user can review the task and start and end the tracker; this tool helps project managers and associated members to see how much time they spend on each task. This will also allow the project managers to keep track of the project deadline.
  • Team Collaboration: Team members can communicate within the platform in a particular group conversation or a private user-to-user message, Users can share files internally as well as in a group discussion thread.
  • User Management: Admin users have the power to add and manage team members, controlling who can access and contribute to the projects.

Special Features:

  • Real-Time Updates: Whenever any changes will be made to the project, everyone involved gets instant notifications regarding the update.
  • Detailed Reports: The platform automatically generates reports demonstrating which tasks are completed, how much time was spent on a group of tasks or the entire project, and the overall progress.
  • Task Prioritization: Users can mark tasks as high, medium, or low priority, helping everyone understand what needs immediate attention.
  • Version History: The platform keeps track of changes made to tasks, ensuring the user can go back and restore the older version of the copy whenever needed.


"Time Keeper", an unparalleled team project management software, makes project collaboration easier and managing projects and tasks simpler. This powerful collaborative project management software also makes teamwork efficient and more result-oriented. With this web application, any project development becomes immaculate.

Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Javascript, Jquery, DataTable Plugin
  • Backend: ASP.NetCore, Dapper C#,
  • Database: MSSQL

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