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We make sure your business-critical mobile apps deliver the best user experience and run smoothly and fast on all devices. Our mobile app testing lets you make the quality your hallmark.


Mobile Application Testing Company

The center of excellence at ManekTech strives to deliver best-in-class quality assurance and mobile app testing services to clients of all sizes and domains. Our dedicated team is experts in managing, monitoring, and validating your power-packed business-critical mobile applications. They test the entire lifecycle of the app according to the service parameters set by you.

We use the best testing tools like Test Complete, 21, Appium, JMeter, Xamarin. UITest, and XCUI Test. Our team tests app behavior, performance, and productivity for different loads. We can help the clients by scoring on their apps’ scalability, reliability, security, and usability.

Our continuous focus is on improving the end-user experience by helping you deliver the best-in-class app through a systematic approach and well-established methods.

End to End Mobile Application Testing Services

Our 360-degree quality analysis offers the assurance of the highest order to you, our clients.

Mobile performance testing

Mobile performance testing

The user today has no patience for your app to load. When they have the option and experience of using lightning-fast apps, then why would they wait endlessly for your app to load?

But apps do not slow down only because of their design flaws; they may happen due to weak signal, low memory, external interference, and too many running apps. So we anticipate and recreate all such scenarios and identify the weak spots for you to tackle.

Mobile functional testing

Mobile functional testing

If a mobile app is all UI/UX but cannot deliver on its promises, it is useless. Of course, you can attract users to use your app with an appealing design. But to hook them to the app, you must deliver on functionality.

We check if the app crashes frequently or if its behavior is not as per the design document and ensure your frontend and backend are in sync to meet users’ needs.

Usability testing

Usability testing

The ManekTech team has a dedicated mobile testing division ensuring a speedy and accurate usability testing report. In addition, we identify all the elements in the UI that make ease-of-use and accessibility cumbersome and suggest solutions for them.

In addition, the UX testing engineer ensures that all transitions, animations, and effects are seamless, consistent, and following the overall theme of the app. The testing is done with your target audience in mind to have the best app usage experience.

Mobile compatibility testing

Mobile compatibility testing

The differences between Android and iOS are growing with each passing week. Add to it the sheer number of devices, mobile browsers, and OS versions. The task for a mobile app developer was never so unenviable as today.

Checking if your mobile app works on thousands of combinations is a nightmare but necessary to ensure that your app works on the most extensive possible set of devices, networks, and OS. Our compatibility tests give you the broadest possible coverage of platforms.

Mobile test automation

Mobile test automation

Test automation helps you complete many tests on different devices, browsers, networks, and OS combinations. We can carry out thousands of tests in significantly less time to deliver accurate results with test automation. We apply data and keyword-driven approaches to functional, regression, and performance test automation.

Our automated mobile application testing service also covers backend services to ensure maximum throughput, highest performance, and peak efficiency. As a result, with test automation, we achieve more in less time and secure timely release.

Mobile security testing

Mobile security testing

Mobile devices are an extension of the person carrying them. Therefore any security breach on their mobile phone is more personal. You never know if your mobile apps are vulnerable. Your apps may have a backdoor and compromise user privacy and device security despite the best coding practices.

You can rest assured once our penetration testing results give you a clean chit. Our mobile and cyber security experts simulate every possible attack and suggest ways to plug them without compromising on efficiency & user experience.

Why Choose ManekTech for Mobile Application Testing Service?

Mobile app testing helps you ensure less time-to-market and robust apps with the secure highest standards for maximum impact and reach.

Dynamic Approach

The mobile apps are dynamic, and their testing must also be in sync with them. Therefore, we follow structured testing procedures with enough room to maneuver and accommodate your unique requirements. In addition, our team’s vast experience can help you in the most challenging situations and overcome any threats to your business.

Agile Testing

Agility is an approach incorporated with agile procedures, agile technologies, and implementation by agile teams. In addition, our agile testing offerings help you develop elegant apps in each iteration, as we identify and report issues continuously for them to fix immediately.

Process Oriented

Process-oriented and rules-driven approaches can withstand any challenge the world has to throw up. When it comes to mobile testing, we are, to the core, a process-driven company. Our testing engineers are ISTQB-certified, indicating our highest priority for process quality and sanctimony at all levels.


As mobile apps operate in diverse jurisdictions, they have to comply with their laws and rules. Our compliance testing suite determines how well your mobile app complies with fantastic five secure the highest with general rules for a wider reach. With a fully compliant app, you improve user experience and can gain a competitive edge.

Maximum Security

We perform mobile vulnerability assessments with SAST, real-time DAST, and API Scans. Our experts perform penetration testing with manual application testing and remediation calls. We offer to rescan mobile apps testing services to ensure if the issues are fixed. Our security analysis reports are delivered in CVSS based reporting formats for easy understanding.

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Customer Relationship Management Solution

Customer Relationship Management Solution

A customer relationship management system (CRM) may provide you with a detailed picture of your customers. Everything is in one place: a simple, configurable dashboard that tells you about a client's prior interactions with you, the progress of their purchases, any remaining customer support concerns, and more.


  • Dashboard
  • Worksheet
  • Opportunity Management
  • Lead Management
  • Project Management
  • Reports
  • Utilities
  • Follow-up
  • Accounting
  • Client Management
  • Payment Report
Dating Application

Dating Application

After Tinder's revolution in 2012, the dating app niche is still alive and well. The way we find someone to date has entirely altered thanks to contemporary technology, and internet dating is no longer frowned upon.


  • Simple Login
  • Location fetching
  • Chat Online
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Calling
  • VIP Membership
  • Nearby People
  • Advanced Search Filters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Read these FAQs to put your doubts to rest, and come aboard with ManekTech in launching the app

There are many differences between testing a mobile device and a mobile app:

  • Mobile testing checks only the hardware and its system software. Application testing ensures that your apps work flawlessly.
  • Device testing is limited to manufacturers. However, app testing is required by anyone wishing to launch a successful mobile app.

We follow the 6 step process for all mobile app testing projects:

  • Project requirements analysis
  • Selection of target platforms and devices
  • Planning the test process
  • Designing test cases and validating with the client
  • Testing - automated and manual - as per needs
  • Analyzing and communicating test results

Without your support, we cannot move an inch. For a successful test project, we require the following from you:

  • Vision and Mission document to understand the objectives.
  • SRS document to test functionality.
  • List of target markets and persona of the target audience.
  • Specific inputs related to functionality, usability, and accessibility features.

Our detailed functionality checks ensure your mobile apps work flawlessly on all platforms. Some of the tests we carry during your mobile application testing are:

  • Accessibility testing
  • Battery Drain Testing
  • Broken links testing
  • Carrier-Based Testing
  • Compliance testing
  • Connectivity testing
  • GPS and Touch-response Testing
  • Installation testing
  • Interruption testing
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode Testing
  • Memory testing
  • Penetration testing
  • UI testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Vulnerability assessment

Among the key challenges we face in any mobile app testing are:

  • Vague client objectives
  • Unclear or continually changing requirements.
  • Targeting a too specific device or completely different devices.
  • Lack of domain expertise and knowledge.
  • Lack of coordination and communication between two teams.

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