Product Re-engineering

Companies can take advantage of our expertise to enhance their existing design and architecture. We do more than fix bugs and flaws; we also make sure that the re-engineered product is scalable and flexible at affordable prices.


Product Re-engineering

Product re-engineering has become more critical than ever in the era of technology innovation and fast-evolving business models. As a result, organizations need to partner with a strategic partner for product re-engineering services, who can execute your organization’s long-term vision.

We have been helping our clients globally since 2011. We help our clients realize their product’s vision. Our engagement models are customized to suit your business goals. From ideation to design and development, we provide all the services necessary for software product re-engineering.

Also, we help organizations achieve their business goals by leveraging our extensive product re-engineering experience. The legacy product content is preserved while performance is optimized and newly required functionalities are added. We adhere to technological advancement, coding practices, and guidelines to provide the best product re-engineering service.

Understanding Product Re-engineering

Product re-engineering simply means modifying an existing product. While re-engineering is the process of adding new features and functionality to a specific product to enhance its performance. Our product re-engineering services help with bug fixes, introducing new features, and decreased downtime. We help our clients by providing the best Product Development, product re-engineering services and helping your business:

  1. Gain Business Flexibility
  2. Improve customer experience
  3. Better system interoperability
  4. Improved productivity

Product Re-Engineering Services We Offer

Services we offer a multitude of services under the umbrella of Product Re-Engineering.

Product Enhancement

We reimagine your current software products into something much more modern and feature-rich by tailoring, improving, and updating your systems and keeping them up to date with the latest technologies.

Code Restructuring

Once we grasp the principle and models of the app structure, that is no longer in use. Then we can re-review and repair the old code with code restructuring.

UX Modernization

Our product re-programming services enhance user experience and interaction to increase engagement, retention, and attention by applying the latest design principles and techniques.


Our experts in product re-programming services help your business by filling the gaps in old documentation, rewriting documentation for critical sections, and saving the essence of your application.

Product Rebuild

Rebuild your product by implementing the latest technology with our complete product re-engineering services. In addition, our microservices in software architecture help increase agility, performance, and scalability.


We employ a sophisticated design process when re-architecting your product. By implementing the latest market practice and technology, our experts enhance your product performance and agility.

Feature Update

Our product re-engineering services follow the latest market trend and add all the new and optimized features to your product, ensuring better performance and smooth consumer transition.

How Do We Work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about some common questions about product re-engineering.

The values that product re-engineering adds to business include:

  • Less risk involved
  • Full utilization of existing technology
  • High return on investment
  • Enhanced productivity

Even though both types of work are concerned with enhancing finished products, the methods and results are entirely different. In reverse engineering, you are trying to figure out how something works, and in re-engineering, it's trying to optimize the current design of the product.

A wide range of relevant skills is required. Technical skills, for instance, are vital to the success of the product development process, as well as:

  • A thorough market research
  • Affordable costing
  • Excellent designing and production skills

Product re-engineering is required when: Old language or platform not working anymore Change in technology The working process of business has changed If the product has bugs and other problems The new technology aligns with your business goal

The cost of re-programming a product depends on the requirement. More changes are to be made if there are more technological advancements, meaning a higher cost in re-programming the product. But, here we provide you with the best results at a very affordable price.

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