Success Stories

Application development is one of the most in-demand every services area. At ManakTech, we analyse the clients requirements and on the basis of this analysis, we recommend the most cost effective future app solution with the right tinge of technology!


Ease Care: Online Hospital Management Web App

A guide to seamless patient experience.

Cookie Twist: Ecommerce Website for Bakery Products

Making Cookie Shopping Easy: How ManekTech's Online Upgrade Transformed Cookie Twist's Business

DigiHomes: Real Estate Management Platforms

Modernizing real estate marketing through digital solutions.

TravelMate: Travel Agency Web App

User-friendly travel platform - simplifying the booking experience.

Medicare: Hospital Management and Healthcare Mobile App

Making healthcare affordable and accessible to everyone.

Vow Vista: Wedding Planning Website

Hassle-free wedding preparation for your perfect celebration.

StreamScuplt: Live Video Streaming Platforms

A live video streaming app that helps live streamers improve their streaming experience with augmented reality and 3D objects with new streaming alerts, set the font of the streaming event facilities, and get the best virtual camera experience.

TalenTrade: Job Portal Application

Now, it is easy to find jobs, check client details, secure payments effortlessly, browse job listings, and chat in real-time. User-friendly filters simplify project searches and a hassle-free path to freelance success.

Easy Homes: Property Management Website

Bridging the Gap in Real Estate: Connecting Landlords, Realtors, and Buyers/Tenants with a property management website.

TeleLink Innovations - VOIP Calling App

Now, it is easy to connect with people via VoIP calls with many features: voicemail, voice recording, chatting, and call forwarding with DND, It can easily manage phone books, public or private, with added notes during an ongoing call.

Clinic Appointment Mobile Application

Find & Book Your Preferred clinic at your convenience

Workers Activities Tracking Mobile Application

Can track time of individual employees and review task completion with ease.

Beacon Digital Analytics App

Beacon is a small device which you can place anywhere. It has an ability to target a user with a message once they are within the range of a beacon. usually within a matter of a few feet.

Geometric Information Model Collaboration Tool

It is a Collaboration Platform used to convert and collaborate your CAD models and other Geometric models. It is a revolution for engineers to better deal with their geometric data.

Travel Booking Made Seamlessly

Looking for a place to stay the night has turned into a terrifying narrative for the youngsters. Travelers can quickly locate the closest and most pleasant accommodations to stay in by using their own smartphone app.

Unforgettable Hotel App Experience

A well-thought-out hotel app that considers best practices to deliver a distinctive, delightful, and unforgettable experience can accomplish all of that and more to differentiate the hotel and ensure that your experience is amazing and unique.

Unrivaled Flexibility

Mobile Solutions provides various advantages to the real estate sector in order to provide their consumers with unrivaled flexibility in searching for their ideal home, conveniently and efficiently.

Meet The Unrivaled Demands Of Your Customers

Design software to meet your company's demands and requirements Dedication and energy are the primary factors that distinguish us from others.

Insurance App Development Company

We create online and mobile solutions to help your insurance company develop faster.

Transform Seamless Memorable Experience

Everyone loves delicious food, but what about the work that goes into making it? Cooking is an art form that, via the quality of food offered, can transform an otherwise regular day into a memorable one.

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