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Hire professional software application maintenance engineers and provide a high-quality user experience to your customers. Enhance your software’s life with complete software maintenance and support services with ManekTech.


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Maintaining and upgrading your software can be highly beneficial to organizations integrating their business and IT strategies. For this, we provide proactive application management and support to ensure your software applications run smoothly. To keep up with the changing needs of your business, our team maintains and transforms critical software. By doing so, we keep you competitive.

We provide multi-level 24/7 support and maintenance underpinned by proven upgrading methodologies and the latest technologies. This includes fixes, functional enhancements, upgrades, and boosting software performance tuning to deliver the best possible service. Providing on-time support and maintenance of existing applications is one-way ManekTech assists companies like yours, so get started today.

Experience Our Top-Notch Software Maintenance and Support Services

Our software maintenance and support solutions guarantee that your business stays up-to-date with the latest security updates, software versions, and much more.

Adaptive Maintenance

Adaptive Maintenance

Whatever the reason why you are looking for adaptive maintenance, we can help. Whether it’s a change in software dependency or a change in business policies in an organization, ManekTech has the solution.

To help you deliver value to your customers, we provide software modifications tailored to meet the changing needs of your business. Our team will make sure that your software remains stable and highly usable even after significant changes to its environment.

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective maintenance refers to the actions taken to correct code that users have reported. As part of this type of maintenance, we will deal with "bugs" that are low priority, triage enhancement requests, and fix defects.

Whether it's a logical flaw, a coding flaw, or a design flaw, our software engineers and testing experts can fix it from start to end. Our software engineers investigate algorithm bugs as part of our quality assurance process, ensuring your software is error-free.

Perfective Maintenance

Perfective Maintenance

With a good software maintenance program, your system's features will continue to develop. When our experts offer perfective maintenance software, we consider how it will improve the experience for its users. Additionally, we remove any features that are no longer useful or significantly slow down your software.

Keeping the technology up to date and making sure you get the most from it is our priority. We not only fix your software, but we correct, edit, delete, add and enhance it as necessary.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

We ensure your software lasts longer by offering top-notch preventive maintenance, including adjusting and modifying as necessary. First, our experts will design your preventative maintenance program. And then, we operate proactively to reduce the risks associated with its operation. This leaves you with more stable, understandable, and maintainable software.

Keeping your software up to date in this manner prevents it from deteriorating as it changes and adapts. Make the right choice, and our team will also extend the software's longevity and increase performance.

Specialized Software Maintenance Service We Offer For Effortless User Experiences

Take the burden off your busy shoulders with our comprehensive software maintenance and support services. We offer fool-proof, real-time, and long-term service.

Version Upgrades And Enhancements

Our team constantly offers version updates to improve your software as part of our efforts to keep your application current. By providing upgrades and enhancements, we ensure that you have up-to-date. Our accurate & efficient software maintenance enables you to keep your users engaged.

Error Tracking And Debugging

Work with a team that is expert in error tracking, debugging, and resolving it in real-time. Our developers locate errors sooner and improve response time so that customers remain satisfied. We check the entire software and enhance the customer experience.

Documentation Development And Maintenance

With ManekTech, you have access to a team of experts in software documentation and maintenance. To deliver the best design documentation development, we use the latest tools and an agile and waterfall approach.

QA Testing

ManekTech test engineers deliver world-class software testing and quality assurance services for web and mobile applications. Our team employs the most innovative quality testing methodologies to utilize artificial intelligence, IoT, and robotic process automation technologies. Throughout the process, we make sure to check for compliance and high-quality results.

Performance Monitoring

Hire us and get access to a DevOps team that diagnoses application performance issues and provides consistent performance monitoring services. We ensure minimum application downtime by proactively monitoring applications and setting up alerts for early detection and repair problems.

Legacy Systems Migration

Our legacy system migration services assist your organization in becoming agile and delivering excellent user experiences. We help enterprises prepare for technological advancement with our tailored migration services and best practices. Get only superior quality outcomes and become digitally ready with ManekTech.

Boost Your Business Productivity Through Innovative Software Maintenance Services

Maintain Your Competitive Edge with Our Streamlined and Genuine Software Maintenance Services.

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FAQs for Software Maintenance and Support Solution

Clear all your queries relating to software maintenance support services and make informed decisions.

Timely software support and maintenance are necessary for several reasons. But the most prominent reasons include: 

  • Bug fixing and removal
  • Adaption to the latest technology
  • Removal of older functions
  • Improved Productivity
  • Increase data security
  • Increase the software speed
  • Reduce the maintenance cost
  • Better performance speed

As a result of managed software application maintenance services, the software can be managed predictably and effectively, resulting in significant cost savings. Moreover, by picking a software maintenance plan, you can also improve software performance in the long run. Besides the agile support and solutions, the software also gets robust backup and recovery options

A document that describes how software works is known as software documentation. As, this documentation can include API descriptions, build notes, or any other help materials. The documentation will make it easier for developers involved in the project to follow a particular development course. Also, software development relies on it, which makes it a requirement.

MankekTech is the way to go. By leveraging our experience and ongoing support, we ensure that your software and web applications are well maintained. Our operations team makes sure your digital assets are secure and up-to-date by providing maintenance and support services. Also, we resolve all the challenges your software is currently facing.

During software maintenance and support, we strategically focus on detecting and correcting errors, removing obsolete features, and improving current functionality. In addition to effectively aligning software with business needs, our software maintenance services enhance applications’ efficiency and overall performance.


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