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Kotlin app development at ManekTech is all about creating secured, agile and captivating apps that capture your consumer’s attention with their supreme functionalities and seamless performance.

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Kotlin App Development – Futuristic Apps Designed for Your Brand’s Bright Future

An era of cross-platform development is currently ruling the computing world and among the highlighted frameworks is the name of Kotlin, a multiplatform mobile app building language that comes with its own unique set of SDK. With Kotlin, your already existing projects can be extended to enhance them with compatibility for any specific OS. Kotlin has been recommended by Google to build steady and safe Android apps and what make it even more favourable for developers and businesses are its separate sets of APIs for two ruling mobile operating systems, iOS and Android.

Supplementing this dynamic cross-platform language is ManekTech’s array of Kotlin app development services. By incorporating state-of-art and best-in-class Kotlin technologies, our certified Kotlin app developers aim to bestow you with applications that leverage maximum advantages for your business from this tool-friendly development language. As a leading and responsible Kotlin Android app development services company in USA and UK, we build apps by adhering to Kotlin’s coding guidelines and in compliance with industry standards.

Kotlin App Development Services

Kotlin App Development

Kotlin App Development

Whether you want platform specific apps or a cross-platform app in general, ManekTech’s Kotlin application development services offer you an all-inclusive, client-centric approach for your applications. Using its feature of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (or KMM), our developers create single codebase that work effectively across multiple platforms. This code redundancy enables clients to get their apps developed in less time.

Our Kotlin app developers can also write new codes while implementing native UI and for specific platform APIs. Since our Kotlin apps are built by utilizing the core tools of Kotlin Mobile SDK, you get applications with the profitability of fully-customized features, fast development process and of course, business agility.

Kotlin App Optimization

Kotlin App Optimization

One of the many advantages of engaging in Kotlin development is its capability to optimize the performance of legacy applications without restructuring the entire app. Its excellent support in Android Jetpack and other libraries, powerful navigation and refactoring feature along with its brilliant interoperability with Java makes Kotlin app optimization a hassle-free and innovative affair for our Kotlin developers.

At ManekTech, Kotlin app optimization services aren’t only about filling an app with extra features. It’s about extending its capabilities with clear, concise coding and to do more with less as using Kotlin allow our developers to avoid creation of unnecessary objects thereby resulting in cost, time and resource reduction.

Kotlin Application Design

Kotlin Application Design

Kotlin’s expressive capabilities are a huge turn-on for designers as its design technologies like KVision and Doodle, a vector-based UI framework, bring forth an array of tools like imperative programming models and ready to use components with which clients get imperative, responsive web designs.

ManekTech’s USP of Kotlin application design services lies in optimal use of these intuitive features for creating an impelling user interface coupled with agile frontend development. By formulating designs that are at par with your launch platform, our Kotlin app designers create visually attractive designs with easy navigation and UI elements which perfectly align the design of your application with your brand’s motto.

Kotlin Application Prototyping

Kotlin Application Prototyping

Prototyping application is an integral part of application designing as it helps in cross-checking the feasibility of elements with design concepts and also checks their efficiency. Since ManekTech emphasizes on building designs that clearly convey our cleints’ brand value, we take Kotlin application prototyping service very seriously. Our team of Kotlin developers plan and prepare an application’s prototype after scrutinizing all possible angles and develop it as per your business requirements.

The chief benefits of Kotlin application prototyping services are the ready-to-use version of codes for application. You will also save money on design alteration in an early stage with prototyping your product. With our prototyping service, you will be able to analyze your application better, reflect your ideas, and come to a solution that will help you in the speedy development of your application.

Kotlin Migration Services

Kotlin Migration Services

Being a Google recommended technology for Android app development, Kotlin is widely pursued by enterprises who look forward to hassle-free scalability as Kotlin comes packed with powerful built-in support for libraries. In fact, because of so many advanced features, Kotlin is often regarded as a matured language and development environment. So those looking for an easy, cost efficient migration services can certainly look up to Kotlin.

ManekTech’s Kotlin migration service makes migration of your apps a convenient affair with automation of codes, proper use of Kotlin Extension libraries and through plug-ins of Kentico language. Because of its shared logic concept, Kotlin offers the opportunity to migrate to better platforms without cracking open the entire app architecture in a code-by-code manner, which certainly saves a lot of time and money of our clients.

Kotlin Upgrade and Maintenance Services

Kotlin Upgrade and Maintenance Services

With Kotlin’s uninterrupted progress, ManekTech needs to ensure that the progress of our clients too remain uninterrupted. So we offer Kotlin upgrade and maintenance services to our clients so that their applications can always perform steadily and keep their competitive edge sharp and effective. These services make it easy for you to integrate with other purposeful third-party applications.

Our services are complemented with Kentico codes that are easy to use and hence focus on fast development of your applications. At ManekTech, we have a professional team of Kotlin developers that are 24X7 available to solve all your queries. Kotlin up-gradation and services that we offer are:

- Round-the-clock maintenance and support team services

- Debugging glitches and fixing errors

- Regular updates of Kotlin applications

Hire Kotlin Developers

Hire Kotlin Developers

ManekTech houses a well-versed and industry-experienced team of Kotlin developers with the expertise to resolve all your queries and provide you solutions as per your business goals and requirements. Our dedicated developers can put this framework to proper use and develop intelligent, tech-savvy applications, which help you convince your users to spend more time on your application.

Our Kotlin developers will provide you with consultation regarding any queries, along with quality testing of your application, prototype development of your application, and many more. They will be available round the clock to help you with the development of your Kotlin android application. Hire Kotlin developers from ManekTech to get:

- Cost-efficient, speedy solutions

- Fully customized native as well as corss-platform mobile and web solutions

- Effortless app optimization

- Customized UI/UX designs and themes

- Migration and easy integration of third-party application

- 24X7 services at preferred platforms

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Hire Kotlin Developer

If you wish to convert your ideas into succinct, purposeful and beautiful applications, then hire Kotlin developer from ManekTech who will work devotedly on your project along with adherence to project guidelines and deadlines. Regardless of an app’s complexity, our developers are skilled enough to handle everything with ease and poise.

Hire KOTLIN Developer

Hire KOTLIN Developer

5+ years of experience

Nirali has a total of 5 years of experience in Android application development. She possesses hands-on expertise in crafting Android applications, utilizing technologies such as Android SDK, Java, Kotlin, XML layouts, JSON, Google Services, third-party SDK integration, SQLite, Room, In-App Purchase, MVVM Architecture, REST API integration, Jetpack components, Data Binding, and Design patterns. Additionally, she has experience working with Google services such as FCM, Firebase Crashlytics, Firebase Analytics, Map, Places API, Direction API, Location, and Login.She is also proficient in third-party library integration, including OkHttp, GSON, Retrofit, and Glide. Furthermore, she has experience with project management systems (PMS) and version control tools like Trello, JIRA, BitBucket, GitHub, and Postman. Nirali is always eager to learn new technologies and tools.

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  • XML
  • JAVA

Hire Kotlin Developer

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We elevate your kotlin development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech for Kotlin App Development?

ManekTech has a well-built team of Kotlin app developers who possess sound knowledge and experience in creating customized and user-oriented web and mobile applications. As a proficient Kotlin web app development company, we always deliver qualitative development solutions and upgrade technical aspects of legacy applications via Kotlin at the most nominal costs. Further, ManekTech deserves to be your technology companion because of our:

Vast development experience with integration of Kotlin

Dedicated and certified Kotlin App developers with extensive knowledge of quality engineering

Adherence to Google measures and design guidelines for displaying UI and UX uniquely and intuitively

Ability to work effortlessly with Java language and to operate both languages simultaneously on a single project

Timely upgrade services and 24*7 support system

Prolific optimization of Kotlin codes to eliminate all problems and errors between the Kotlin application development operations

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


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  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module
Online Service Provider Application

Online Service Provider Application

ManekTech is reinventing the economics of large-scale networking to reduce costs and enhance outcomes by bringing infrastructure together in various dimensions and establishing a high-performance, efficient, and trustworthy network that spans a more inclusive globe.


  • Easy Onboarding Process
  • Category Listing
  • Location based Search
  • Online Payment
  • Work History
  • Real-time Request Updates
  • Invoices
  • Push Notifications
  • Review System
  • Admin Panel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you in need of applications with a personalized touch? Contact ManekTech’s tech experts and learn more about how our Kotlin application development services can cater to your specific business needs.

Kotlin is a concise language which is a drawback of Java programming. Kotlin has an inbuilt null safety feature that restricts writers from drafting additional code, and this feature isn’t available in the Java language.

Kotlin cracks business logic and UI and offers an efficient way to compose a fully native UI and enhance app appearance with less code, reduced bugs. It helps to shrink app development costs because Kotlin allows reusing the written code by modifying it for iOS.

Kotlin is a prominent and open-source programming language that supports JVM in the Android ecosystem. It is a compact, expressive and null-safe Android-compatible language that can seamlessly work with Java to leverage all Kotlin libraries’ benefits.

ManekTech offers a wide range of Kotlin services, including Kotlin App Development, Kotlin App Optimization, Kotlin Application Design, Kotlin Application Prototyping, Kotlin Migration, Kotlin Upgradation, and Services. Reach out to us, and let’s get started with Kotlin development.

Kotlin is a progressive language for programming and becomes a primary choice of developers. Apps like Pinterest, Uber, Postmates, Evernote, Corda, Shadowsocks, Simple Calendar and Glader have migrated from Java to Kotlin.

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