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As a well-known Flutter app development company in USA & UK, ManekTech provides a comprehensive range of flutter app development services to build robust, natively-compiled cross-platform applications based on our clients' specific needs. Our proficient team of Flutter app developers, we are always ready to deliver engaging and responsive iOS and Android apps. Elevate your business to the top of the trends with the power of next-gen, cutting-edge Flutter mobile apps with us.

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Leading Flutter App Development Company Based in the USA, Serving Clients Worldwide

Layered architecture for complete customization with rich set of features, flexible and expressive user interface and fully-customizable widgets along with cross-platform compatibility, Google’s Flutter is a powerhouse of tools and technologies for mobile application development, especially when you’re focusing on rendering your end-users with native-platform like experiences. Flutter has enabled both developers and businesses to game up their approach towards web mobility solutions.

To help you out and put you on the right track, ManekTech has strategized array of Flutter app development services that aim to put life into your ideas with Google’s tech-enriched platform. With our certified Flutter app developers by your side, you get fully-functional mobile applications that have the beauty of native appearance and work-ability but work flawlessly across all critical native platforms including iOS and Window.

Flutter App Development Services We Offers

Explore our complete range of Flutter app development services to build robust and scalable applications that offer seamless user experience across all digital platforms.

Flutter Android App Development

Flutter Android App Development

There’s no doubt in it that Android expands the maximum number of device platforms thereby having a huge portion of the marketshare and this penetration makes it mandatory for businesses to make applications that not only perform well but can also access the device features irrespective of its configurations.

ManekTech is a leading Flutter app development company in USA & UK, who provides Flutter app development services to build customized and cost-effective Flutter application that will deliver a seamless functioning across any Android and iOS platform including Jean Bean and the new version of iOS.  Our remote developers leverage from its advanced APIs and customize apps they way you want them.

Flutter iOS App Development

Flutter iOS App Development

Flutter truly is unique because it gives opportunity to enterprises to have iOS apps built with this cross-platform development framework. What makes Flutter more potent is its Material Design tool along with Cupertino widgets, which, according to Google is ‘iOS-flavor’. It also has rich motion APIs and the combination of all these aspects makes it an ideal choice to get responsive, quality iOS applications that will run smoothly across all iOS versions.

ManekTech comes to your assistance with its Flutter iOS app development services so that you can delight your end-users with our beautiful, mindfulness applications. Our Flutter programmers use Bundle ID (explicit registration with Apple) to make applications compatible and ensure that they function effortlessly.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Cross-Platform Application Development

Ever since its launch in the app development sector, Flutter has been the talk of the code-town. Powered by Google, Flutter helps create enticing cross-platform applications for mobile, desktop, and web from a single codebase. What makes it even more preferable is its complete package of developmental tools including widgets, motion APIs and smooth scrolling. With the help of these competent technologies, the overall development time of app development is reduced considerably. Adding to the existing benefits of Flutter are the cross-platform application development services of ManekTech.

Our Flutter developers utilize this open-source framework full-fledged and create apps with neat coding and quick turnaround time. While our Flutter programmers use Hot Reload feature to make changes to the code in real-time, they use Dart programming language to add to the application’s overall performance. There’s no need to start your application from scratch—just-in-time features of Dart help improve your application’s workflow without disrupting its architecture.

Flutter UI/UX Development Strategy

Flutter UI/UX Development Strategy

Flutter houses a vivid set of Material Design widgets and Cupertino widgets that can be used in developing intrinsic UI UX strategy. With a boatload of designing features like animations, assets, display images, styling, text and icons, along with painting and effects, Flutter has become a personal favorite of UX/UI designers. But making your mobile app truly beautiful with these features are ManekTech’s Flutter UI/UX development strategy services. We create delightful applications with solid visual appeal and UI design, but our USP is that our designs beautifully portray your brand’s personas.

We also provide customized widgets, themes, and designs that give your UI/UX a first-class look and strategy. As a well-established Flutter app development agency, we recommend adopting Flutter for advanced UI/UX development strategy as it offers to accelerate your application’s usability and at the same time help it look innate and natural.

Flutter QA and Testing Solutions

Flutter QA and Testing Solutions

ManekTech believes in serving the best applications to our clients, and that is why Flutter is one of our primary choices for app development. Thanks to its Hot Reload feature, fixing bugs has never been so easy before because of which we can deliver our clients with apps that are best in quality and finesse. Flutter further promotes ManekTech’s existing rigorous testing procedures which include automated testing of the Unit test, Widget Test, and Integration test.

Our professional team of analysts and testers provides on-the-go QA and testing solutions and ensure that the quality of your applications across platforms is never compromised.

Flutter App Support & Maintenance

Flutter App Support & Maintenance

Besides providing its clients with ubercool applications, ManekTech creates an enduring experience by constantly uplifting and upgrading their app’s performance and security via its adept Flutter App Support and Maintenance Services. We stay active to keep your applications up-to-date with the latest technical assessments.

We have dedicated team of developers, programmers, analysts, and quality checkers to ensure that your applications keep achieving milestones for your business without any punctuation mark. Our services complement android as well as iOS users. Bunch of advanced services that you get with our Flutter app support and maintenance services:

- Reflection of errors and debugging of glitches

- Timely code edit

- 24×7 support & maintenance services

- Quality check and automate testing

Hire Flutter App Developers

Hire Flutter App Developers

Flutter is a perfect choice for creation of hybrid applications that can furnish rich and fluid user experience. But for such a sturdy house of technologies, one shall require an equally robust team of developers to ensure optimum utilization of the platform. With a house teeming with pool of talented, certified Flutter programmers and developers, ManekTech serves its clients with the right mix of expertise, experience and domain knowledge. Hire Flutter developers from us to get:

- Stable and reliable mobility solutions with cross-platform compatibility

- Appropriate use of agile technologies to get engaging and appealing applications

- On-demand augmentation and addition of features

- Customised quality solutions in record time

-  24-hour assistance

- Flutter applications developed by strictly adhering to industry-best practices

- Experienced veterans in industry verticals

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Hire Flutter Developers as Per Your Need

With their proficient skill-set and extensive industry experience in Flutter development, our developers fulfil all criteria that are required for coding exclusive mobility solutions. Hire Flutter developer from ManekTech to get the most profitable web solutions for escalating your business towards its growth and expansion.

Hire Flutter Developer

Hire Flutter Developer

4+ years of experience

Kavan is experience in languages and tools like Flutter platform, Dart, BLoC, Provider, GetX, Android, Java, SQLite Database, Firebase database. Apart from that he can do REST API integration, Postman, Social Media SDKs, App Localization, Third Party SDK integration.He is also Experience in UI/UX Designing tools using Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop. He is using tools like VS Code, Android Studio, Xcode, Postman, GitHub, Trello. He is very much Adaptive to new technologies and cope up with changes.

  • Flutter
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Hire Flutter Developer

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info@manektech.com or call +91 851 142 8441

We elevate your flutter development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why Choose ManekTech as a Flutter App Development Company?

Our team of experts uses Flutter’s layered architecture and based on their well-versed knowledge of reactive programming, our dedicated team of coders create outstanding mobile app solutions for iOS and Android. We believe in serving quality to our clients and offer only feature-rich mobile applications for enhancing the ultimate user experience. We also maintain utmost transparency and ensure that a consistency is maintained throughout our Flutter app development process.

At ManekTech, we deliver you:

Consistent development workflow and apps with uniformity

Data security and transaction encoding

Rigorous QA and testing to ensure bug-free product

Industry-specific business solutions and customized Flutter applications

Scalable, operational and flexible iOS and Android apps with swift loading speed

Maintenance and support services of our tech-savvy Flutter problem-solvers

Explore Our Flutter App Development Portfolios

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module
Law Firm Solution

Law Firm Solution

The Law Firm Solution is extremely customizable and adaptable to any business or jurisdiction. It is accredited, secure, and has modular features, making it suitable for law firms and in-house legal departments of any size.


  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Matter Task Mapping
  • Attorney Management
  • Document Management
  • Case Management
  • Report Management
  • Account Management

Maximize Business ROI With Flutter App Development Services

Hire flutter app development experts to analyze your business requirements and develop a mobile app

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ManekTech’s team works round the clock to do on-time delivery. Though our developers are well trained to handle project deadlines, the overall time take to develop a customized Flutter app depends on several factors like application’s complexity, its category and features, design. Get a detailed insight on this, contact our experts. Join us for your Flutter application development needs and get the best in return. Your ideas and our actions are going to get your dream-app all set.

Flutter is powered by Google and uses an open-source network for curating beautifully themed and designed applications. It is a portable UI toolkit that is a one-stop solution for all your mobile, web, or desktop applications. Flutter is used around the world as it is flexible, fast, and reliable. It saves your time, money, and effort and is a perfect deal-breaker with quick and easy coding.

Flutter is for every other application out there, be it mobile enterprise application, Minimal Viable product prototype, or on-demand applications like Netflix. It is for everyone out there - an end-user, a developer, a designer, a marketing or management associate. Flutter applications have beautiful aesthetics, a user-friendly interface, customized widgets, and branding your business.

Flutter is different from any other mobile apps building out there as it does not confide on a single web browser or operating system. The uniqueness of Flutter lies in its cross-platform application development strategy. Flutter app development services use a combination of C, C++, Dart, and Javascript code to navigate their applications better.

Flutter is a top choice because:

  • Rich set of widgets
  • Portable UI toolkit
  • Highly optimized codes
  • Dart Dev Tools for testing, debugging, and developing the application
  • APIs for unit and integration tests
  • Modern open-source framework
  • Plug-in APIs to integrate third-party systems
  • Fast development and deployment of application
  • Economic friendly and technologically advanced mobile development app

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