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Microsoft Azure - Cloud Microsoft Azure - Cloud

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Microsoft Azure offers a dedicated combination of IaaS and PaaS services to create customized apps. The security development lifecycle is the primary leading process on which the entire Azure cloud is based. It is hard to miss Azure’s ISO 27019 certification- a new international standard for cloud privacy.

Microsoft Azure cloud managed services offer not only safe but ductile, performance-efficient, and secure storage services. Microsoft Azure's hybrid capabilities further streamline NoSQL and SQL data services. Identity and Access management, along with interoperability of Microsoft Azure Solutions, support innovative business initiatives at reduced costs.

Microsoft Azure Solutions We Offer

With Microsoft experts in the team, ManekTech gives you the best Microsoft Azure services for customized solutions.

AWS Cloud Consulting

AWS Cloud Consulting

Any business aiming to realize the big dream of bringing cloud can go for the dedicated AWS cloud consulting. The expert and experienced support from the consultants ensure AWS Partner Network (APS), Premier Consulting Partner, and an AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP) partnerships.

This AWS-certified consultant helps businesses access their technology, solves potential and real-time problems and builds a strategic roadmap for entire infrastructure development. Hence, AWS cloud consultants resolve the complexity and identify the crucial business initiatives.

Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Microsoft Azure is based on the security development lifecycle (SDL). It is an industry-leading process that comprises security and keeps its private data and services 100% safe and secure. Cloud security is all about protecting the different businesses’ data, and Microsoft Azure gained the best compliance coverage of over 50 compliances. As a result, it comes as one of the most trusted cloud platforms recognized by US government institutions.

Microsoft Azure is the first cloud computing service that banked the new international standards for cloud privacy- ISO 27018.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery

Building, testing, configuring, and deploying code directly from a build to a production environment is Continuous Delivery (CD). To create infrastructure and deploy new builds, a release pipeline uses multiple tests or staging environments. The deployment rings are then progressively released to the public.

Microsoft Azure’s continuous delivery easies the process of software release cycles for operations and applications teams. It aims to reach the shortest path from the code available to the deployment of the application.

AWS Integration & Migration

AWS Integration & Migration

Any business can decide to integrate or migrate to the AWS cloud. The application integration on AWS enables the communication between different decoupled components within various serverless applications, distributed systems, and microservices.

The dedicated service provider ensures AWS integration with existing systems. The migration, on the other hand, is a detailed process that requires step-by-step conceptualization and implementation. The AWS Application Migration Service (AWS MGN) safely migrates the existing applications to the cloud with minimal downtime and zero changes.

Support and Maintenance

Support and Maintenance

Businesses need not worry about support and maintenance as Microsoft Azure services offer dedicated options that fulfill different business requirements. The other support and maintenance plans are available in four options. The trial, testing, and development are ideal for the non-production environment for quick initial response to development issues. The production overloads are ideal when businesses are running a production overload and want a solution between one hour to one business day.

The business-critical functions support quick advisory services. The dedicated support across the whole Azure cloud is best offered by comprehensive Microsoft technical support. The updates and maintenance are live that hardly affects any virtual machine.

Microsoft Azure Services To Hire

Microsoft Azure's services give you the resilience and flexibility to stay competitive in the unpredictable world we live in today.

Hire Microsoft Azure Developer

Hire Microsoft Azure Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • JavaScript
  • Web Architecture
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML

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ManekTech's staff enables clients to express their creativity through hackathons, keeps them in shape by encouraging them to participate in sports activities, and guarantees that our workplaces are generally wacky.

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We offer best-of-breed software applications, as well as data services and digital transformation to businesses.

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With the increasing amount of business challenges that enterprises must manage, migration of application resources and infrastructure components to the cloud has become a need. Cloud migration enables businesses to manage their data centers and apps from anywhere, at any time.

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module
Law Firm Solution

Law Firm Solution

The Law Firm Solution is extremely customizable and adaptable to any business or jurisdiction. It is accredited, secure, and has modular features, making it suitable for law firms and in-house legal departments of any size.


  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Matter Task Mapping
  • Attorney Management
  • Document Management
  • Case Management
  • Report Management
  • Account Management

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FAQs on Microsoft Azure Solutions

Here are some common questions often asked by people looking for Microsoft Azure Services.

Computation, mobile, and web services are among the Microsoft Azure services. Additional benefits include storage, analytics, networking, media, and Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). Microsoft Azure also offers server backup, site recovery, and connections with other clouds. The identity management services like Multifactor Authentication (MFA) and Azure Active Directory (AAD), and Internet of Things services make the IT developments secure and scalable.

A company subscribing to the Microsoft Azure Services gets automatic access to all its services. It is easy to create cloud-based resources like virtual machines (VM) or databases using these services. The availability of third-party applications further makes it easy for businesses to unleash the power of the Microsoft Azure cloud. The five types of dedicated customer support services include Basic, Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier, further making the development easy.

Microsoft Azure Services offer a pay-as-you-go pricing model based on usage only. The price of Microsoft Azure services can vary if one application uses more than one service. Further, a long-term commitment to Microsoft Azure Services attracts discounted rates. The leading Azure-native tools like Azure Cost Management help monitor, visualize, and optimize cloud expenditure.

Microsoft Azure Services primarily competes with Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The best part is that no two cloud services offer the same service due to differences in APIs or integrations. This is why many businesses go for a single cloud service provider like Microsoft Azure due to the lack of integration between two cloud services providers.

Microsoft Azure services were commercially introduced in 2010. However, the technical giant first unveiled a cloud computing service named Windows Azure in 2008. The initial years were dedicated to continuous development for evolving the operating systems, frameworks, and programming languages. So it was in 2014, Microsoft renamed it to Microsoft Azure services after recognizing its implications that work beyond Windows.

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