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ManekTech has helped companies create robust, scalable, and highly secured CakePHP websites and apps. Our goal is to boost business growth by providing innovative solutions and maximizing ROI.

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Get An Upper Hand With Our CakePHP Web Development Services

When developing websites and web apps with CakePHP, we just know the right thing to do. We create sophisticated, feature-rich websites and web apps at ManekTech by combining MVC and object-oriented programming expertise. Our services are different from others because we offer flexible web development services for any type of business.

Empower your business to achieve its real potential with our CakePHP development services. We write clean, well-structured, and scalable code using the best development practices. In addition, each app is thoroughly tested to ensure that it is error-free. With minimal coding and quicker development times, clients can decrease business costs dramatically and achieve more value in less time.

CakePHP Web Development Services

Get customized, scalable CakePHP web solutions developed with ManekTech.

CakePHP Template Design

CakePHP Template Design

At ManekTech, we encourage using template design for all PHP-based websites and applications. By leveraging our CakePHP template design, you can separate business logic from presentation. As a result, both developers and designers can work in the same source code without worrying about breaking the code. 

CakePHP Templates allow for maximum code reusability and maintainability. Moreover, by using templates, businesses can develop websites and applications much faster. Hire CakePHP developers to design CakePHP templates for your website. 

CakePHP Plug-in Development

CakePHP Plug-in Development

As a development team at ManekTech, we specialize in building plug-ins using CakePHP to enhance existing websites. The custom PHP plugins developed by ManekTech’s developers are powerful and, most importantly, secure. 

We ensure that the plugins offer greater functionality and cost-efficiency than recording the website to add new features. Unlike other 3rd party plugins, the plugins we use have tight security that helps prevent hackers from attacking the site and getting access to sensitive data. Hire CakePHP developers to build custom CakePHP plugins.

CakePHP Web App Development

CakePHP Web App Development

We can create custom CakePHP web applications for any size of business. The rapid development and flexibility of CakePHP help us develop cross-platform, scalable apps with top-notch security in less time. 

Our development team analyzes your business goals and develops an app development plan that matches customers and business requirements. Empower your business to achieve its true potential with customized CakePHP web apps from ManekTech. 

CakePHP Migration Services

CakePHP Migration Services

The migration of data and other elements of your website and applications is a complex and challenging process that professionals should only handle. One mistake while migrating can wipe out all the essential data that can never be recovered. Let us never let that happen to you, as our development team is an expert in migrating websites to CakePHP. 

Our professional experience allows us to migrate applications faster without inconvenience or extended downtime. Let our experts handle the complex task of migrating your systems to CakePHP without hassles.

CakePHP Website Development

CakePHP Website Development

With our depth of experience, we can create websites even in the most challenging cases. In addition, CakePHP allows us to build websites that load three times faster than standard business websites. 

When working with us, you are not limited to a single database. As an alternative, we incorporate your websites with popular databases like MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL. In addition, CakePHP's ability to work alongside other technologies makes it possible to integrate advanced features that would otherwise not be possible.

CakePHP Maintenance Services

CakePHP Maintenance Services

Keeping our apps and websites up-to-date is very important to us at ManekTech. We provide CakePHP maintenance services, including checking for bugs, improving performance, enhancing security, and updating the code with new functionality. 

The CakePHP developers conduct regular testing to ensure that the code remains functional and error-free to prevent systems from crashing. Our decade-long experience maintaining websites has taught us what works and what doesn't. So let ManekTech take care of your websites. 

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Hire CakePHP Developer

Hire CakePHP Developer

7+ years of experience

Lucky is skilled Web Developer having overall 7+ years of experience. Can work in Test Driven Development. He has ability in troubleshooting and problem solving skills. He has experience with REST API. Also experienced in solving issues in web browsers, following the W3C standards to maintain the website with defect free. He can implementing the AJAX features using JavaScript and jQuery.

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  • CakePHP
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  • HTML

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We elevate your cake php development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

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Get access to an expert CakePHP development team to build next-generation websites and apps. We at ManekTech:

We stay up-to-date on the latest security practices to protect your data.

Ensure that data security is our highest priority. Data security is one of our top priorities.

Plan every project meticulously to ensure on-time delivery, no matter the situation.

Develop a website or app with lightning-fast speed using a team of developers well-versed in website and app development.

To ensure you get only the best, we strive to provide 100% quality assurance.

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

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Hire cake-php development experts to analyze your business requirements and develop a mobile app

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore through our FAQs to get answers to all your CakePHP development questions.

When you work with us, you get all the benefits of working with the world’s best development team with the combined expertise of more than a decade. We’ve been developing complex web apps for decades with CakePHP. It has allowed us to help our clients cut business costs, improve security, and reduce launch time.

Absolutely. CakePHP remains as relevant as ever. It is an open-source framework with a lot of unique features. At ManekTech, our developers regularly use CakePHP to develop fast, highly scalable, and sophisticated websites and applications. In addition, code reusability helps us reduce development time, enabling us to help businesses reach the market more quickly.

CakePHP is the fastest PHP framework used in web development. It uses Model-View-Control architecture to separate the business logic from the information layer. Moreover, CakePHP allows developers to reuse the code for different purposes, which helps fasten development time. Last but not least, its CRUD scaffolding enables the management of information with ease.

The cost of building websites with CakePHP depends on many factors. Some of the most prominent ones are the availability of developers, developer’s expertise, level of complexity, features, budget, and time. These elements play an essential role in ascertaining the approximate costs to build with CakePHP. Contact our team to help you estimate the price for website building.

Yes, of course. CakePHP is one of the popular PHP frameworks we use at ManekTech to build advanced websites and web apps. With our cutting-edge solutions powered by MVC architecture, we have created many advanced e-commerce and enterprise solutions to help businesses scale their growth.

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