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At Manektech, our developers have extensive experience integrating and developing SharePoint services that enhance document management, streamline workflow, and foster seamless communication.

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SharePoint is an all-in-one Microsoft enterprise content management offering solutions for the modern work culture to unify efforts and increase productivity. A Microsoft SharePoint development company like ManekTech will assist you in setting it up with zero loopholes.

With a decade of experience in SharePoint, Manektech delivers tailor-made solutions to organizations of all sizes to help their employees collaborate and fulfill their jobs efficiently. We apply a holistic approach to ensure success that consists of requirement analysis, project planning, designing, demonstration, QA and feedback phase, and project migration.

Our Wide Range Of Microsoft Sharepoint Development Services Include

ManekTech offers a range of Microsoft Share Point consulting services. Some of them are:

Share Point Consultation

Share Point Consultation

Remote working setups require customizations that cannot be managed by average IT consultants. Fret not! Our team provides in-depth SharePoint consulting services from start to end.

Our SharePoint consulting experts provide detailed reports and suggestions on your present IT infrastructure to avoid future drawbacks and maintain a seamless work culture. These include network bandwidth, hardware components, required software, etc.

As your Microsoft SharePoint consultant,our team provides end-to-end deployment to development services. We assist you in not only getting started with SharePoint but also developing it alongside your enterprise’s core focus.

As your SharePoint implementation consultant, we analyze cloud compatibility and scale your workflows while accounting for external and future industrial changes. Our SharePoint consulting services also include collaboration opportunities with our clients. We collaborate with your in-house developers to get better insights on your internal workflows.

Share Point Development

Share Point Development

Our developers have vast hands-on experience when it comes to SharePoint application development. Through a detailed workflow analysis, we make an account of the changes your enterprise needs, simultaneously removing unnecessary processes and streamlining your workflow.

Developing a public/team website utilizing SharePoint is not as easy as on WordPress. Having a SharePoint implementation consultant at this point helps. ManekTech’s SharePoint developers are equipped to curate web parts, object models, master pages, and create efficient behind-the-scene functionality.

SharePoint, one way to improve collaboration in your enterprise. As a trusted SharePoint Development Company in USA, we excel in custom solutions. Our SharePoint Development Services ensure efficient team sites and communication protocols, meticulously crafted to align with your usability preferences. Elevate your collaboration seamlessly with our expertise. Our versatile SharePoint developers are adept in designing diverse SharePoint frameworks.

Share Point Migration

Share Point Migration

There is a reason why Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. We at ManekTech have an experienced team to help you with migrating to SharePoint. As a SharePoint migration consultant, we follow a structured approach to help your organization make the big change.

We start by studying and mapping your existing IT infrastructure. We then analyze how can SharePoint make this IT infrastructure more efficient. Likewise, we also analyze the needs of the industry in which you operate. Using these parameters, the feasibility of SharePoint migration is estimated.

We look after migration and up-gradation issues. Improved security and enhanced technical support being the prime motive. A newer version of SharePoint also brings high-end compatibility and better features to the table. This improves productivity and enhances the overall remote working experience of your employees.

Share Point Support

Share Point Support

ManekTech provides 360-degree support to our clients as a Microsoft SharePoint consultant. Our full-fledged support ecosystem handles all SharePoint related queries be it back end or front end.

Cloud systems are the most vulnerable targets for cyber attacks. We thoroughly acknowledge these concerns. Thus our SharePoint consulting services include regular health checkups for SharePoint servers throughout the product lifecycle.

Consistency in year-round support equips us to identify a clear roadmap with SharePoint by your side. Although health and maintenance checks are major support tasks. As a SharePoint consulting company, we also look into the trivial specifics. This includes cost-effectiveness, robustness, and authentication issues.

Consistency in year-round support equips us to identify a clear roadmap with SharePoint by your side. Although health and maintenance checks are major support tasks. As a SharePoint consulting company, we also look into the trivial specifics. This includes cost-effectiveness, robustness, and authentication issues.

At ManekTech, we make continuous efforts to provide the best SharePoint support to our clients. As a result, we constantly check for more versatile code to ensure our clients are future-ready. In this manner, we enhance the overall user experience with SharePoint.

Document Management

Document Management

SharePoint allows managing organizational documents in one place. Thus eradicating the possibility of losing files. This comes as a savior to organizations and departments that rely heavily on record keeping. For instance, HR, finance, and legal departments of an organization can reap great benefits from SharePoint.

Traditional file servers encounter a critical issue. File location. The files shared on SharePoint can always be found at a single location.

What better than a one-step location for all documents?

Companies that have numerous offices use this feature to reduce the hassles of constantly emailing and uploading the same document.

Hire us as a SharePoint consulting company to customize your document management system (DMS) for minimal wastage of resources. Such customization are mostly used by legal and financial enterprises due to their flexible methods of record keeping.

Share Point Integration

Share Point Integration

SharePoint started as a multi-web content and document management system. Constant fixes and new releases from Microsoft have made SharePoint multidimensional. It can be integrated with other popular platforms and programs to curate a workflow pipeline that eliminates bottlenecks.

We at ManekTech can link SharePoint to any popular Customer Relations Management (CRM) program. For instance:Dynamics 365. This brings the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to your warehouse. Along with this, we also integrate custom client-oriented programs to automate your sales processes and provide furnished data to the sales team.

We also integrate SharePoint with a CRM like Salesforce. This offers an enhanced accessibility of data, employee efficiency,quality customer service,predicting customer behavior, efficient inventory management, etc.

Numerous integrations make writing custom codes a lengthy process. Your IT team may not be well-versed in the coding practices of SharePoint. Our SharePoint implementation consultants have the capabilities to code and facilitate top-notch seamless integration.

Share Point Intranet

Share Point Intranet

DMS (an excellent tool to create, edit, share, and store documents) is just one of the many benefits of having a SharePoint-enriched intranet for your enterprise..

Along with implementation, we also take care of your website needs. Using SharePoint, we create websites that are both visually appealing and highly functional.

After your data is systematically migrated to SharePoint we use intranet and extranet portals to access it. An intricately built intranet or extranet portal will help you easily access the necessary data and limit what is confidential.

Our SharePoint consultancy will help you design and build efficient intranet and extranet portals. We design such portals that act as data storage and management systems. At the same time, they allow the utility of conditional access. In this way, you can grant access to a file, without compromising on its security.

SharePoint Web Development Expertise

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Streamline your workflows by leveraging our SharePoint web development services

Learn how our SharePoint developers can provide a personalized service to your business

Hire SharePoint Developer

Hire SharePoint Developer

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We elevate your sharepoint development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why Choose ManekTech for SharePoint Development Services?

As a SharePoint development company, we prioritize your organizational goals and align them with our actions to provide you a technically attractive SharePoint development solution. Our SharePoint experts help you build full-fledged and convenient SharePoint solutions that favor higher employee productivity and better business results.

Our clientele is global, expanding from all across the USA to Europe. We know what it takes to make a solution that meets global standards.

Our highly experienced team of Microsoft Sharepoint developers provides a flexible approach to projects. This allows us to innovate and reduce costs at the same time.

We are not just an excellent SharePoint consultancy firm. We make sure our clients reap all the benefits of Information Technology.

Expertise across technologies allows us to create solutions for all kinds of software, web applications, and apps.

We are not restricted only to SharePoint. We develop sustainable solutions for web, mobiles, and software.

We provide all kinds of IT services. Collaborating with us gives our clients access to other services such as UI/UX design and cloud computing.

Our experience is not limited to just one industry or sector. We make applications for enterprises of all scales and sectors.

We also provide dedicated remote developers, in case you need one-on-one support for your organizational systems.

We provide comprehensive SharePoint consulting. We handle all your SharePoint queries throughout our collaboration.

SharePoint Development Case Studies

Law Firm Solution

Law Firm Solution

The Law Firm Solution is extremely customizable and adaptable to any business or jurisdiction. It is accredited, secure, and has modular features, making it suitable for law firms and in-house legal departments of any size.


  • User Management
  • Customer Management
  • Matter Task Mapping
  • Attorney Management
  • Document Management
  • Case Management
  • Report Management
  • Account Management

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SharePoint is a document management system that allows you to store and share documents. It comes with a document version control, allowing users to review the documents for alterations and then save them. You will also receive alerts when someone updates the document. On the contrary, File Share only allows you to share documents over the network, limiting collaborative potential.

No, each plan has different features and limitations. However, depending on your business’s unique requirements, you can choose the right plan with all the necessary features.

Yes, you will need to undergo training to ensure that you can efficiently share documents, set up team pages, manage SharePoint, build and customize applications. Being a full-fledged SharePoint development services provider, we offer consultation and training to help you get the most out of your investment.

With ManekTech, you can avail of a wide range of Microsoft SharePoint services, including SharePoint consulting, development, migration, support, document management, intranet, and integration. For more information, connect with us at

When you purchase SharePoint, Microsoft can store your data and have protected access to it over the internet. This makes it easier for you to manage and access critical data while reducing operational costs.

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