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Virtual reality app development services take user experience to the next level and make it as immersive as possible. Develop VR apps with us for a cutting-edge over competitors.


User-interactive Virtual Reality App Development Services

There is no sector, whether service or manufacturing, that cannot benefit from the power of VR apps. Our VR apps can help businesses stay afloat in the challenging times of high competition by offering high levels of user engagement. In addition, all our virtual reality app development services improve product interactions and data visualization.

ManekTech helps multiple enterprises with customized virtual reality app development. It is all about offering simulation about the product or service range of the business. The use of high-end technology, including coding and hardware, ensures that all our clients are getting optimized VR apps only. The strategic approach to creating VR apps is the key to the success of our services globally.

Transform Your Business Reality With VR App Development Services

Our expert VR app developers offer the best VR development based on any specific requirement.

VR Game Development

VR Game Development

The gaming world is revolutionizing, and VR games are the harbinger of fun, creativity, and entertainment. We offer dedicated VR game development which is hard for any gaming company to miss while serving their demanding customers. Our team understands that the power of virtual reality is best used when it combines the best of hardware and software for a high-end user experience.

ManekTech offers dedicated VR game development services to global users. Our VR gaming experts have years of expertise in handling multiple gaming projects and delivering effective results on time.

VR Mobile App Development

VR Mobile App Development

Mobile VR apps are part of different marketing strategies for various companies. Simulating products and services for global customers is one of the simplest and most effective ways. We have developed multiple VR applications for manufacturing and services sectors that enhance data visualization and product interactions.

Our dedicated team of VR mobile app developers understands the power of mobile apps in delivering multifold business profits. As a result, all our VR mobile app services are highly affordable and come with dedicated customer support.

VR Web-Based App Development

VR Web-Based App Development

There are multiple benefits of VR web-based app development to businesses. Our team has experienced Web VR experts that are emerging as the latest technology offering platform-independent development. It is super-easy for our developers to design critical web-based apps that come with the benefits of virtual reality.

Going by the customized needs of different businesses, ManekTech has a dedicated team of VR web-based app developers who deliver tailor-made apps. It is all about bringing the best out of Web VR by using technological developments.

VR Consultation

VR Consultation

ManekTech’s team offers a professional VR consultation that can be provided by experienced VR professionals only. We believe that VR consultation can be a key in deciding the right course of business in the revolutionized world of technology.

We’re helping multiple businesses get their first stepping stone in VR with its experienced and technical VR consultation services. Our team is expert in quickly understanding the business requirements and offering highly customized results accordingly.

VR Support and Maintenance

VR Support and Maintenance

Like any other technology, virtual reality app development also requires round-the-clock support and maintenance. ManekTech understands the inclusion of support and care for VR apps. We work dedicatedly in this field as it is one of the challenging parts of modern technology like virtual reality. However, businesses are afraid of VR support for their dedicated apps and platforms.

Our virtual reality app development services come with 24*7 customer support and high-end technical and non-technical maintenance. Thanks to our support team, our clients are never alone while dealing with any possible issues in VR apps.

VR Integration and Deployment

VR Integration and Deployment

We offer dedicated VR integration and deployment services. We believe that VR will be supporting all the existing business technology for unified communication.

Our team keeps integration as a crucial step in the overall VR app strategy. We further offer high-end deployment of all virtual reality apps to eliminate any efficiency issues. Our experts work with the mindset that the development of VR apps is of no use without the effective deployment of VR apps.

We Develop VR Apps for a Variety of Industries

All our virtual reality app development services are customized for serving multiple industries with efficiencies and affordability.



We are helping top names in the healthcare sector optimize the benefits of virtual reality app development services. VR has multiple benefits that help healthcare professionals know about a patient’s body without operating on it. The patients can further have a virtual tour of their operation before going through the same.



The manufacturing sector is prone to multiple safety concerns that slowly take a toll on their business revenue. Virtual reality apps for manufacturing cover additional safety concerns for many businesses. We’re working for multiple manufacturers who want to excel in their safety levels.



We are helping multiple educational institutes to optimize learning experiences for students. The inclusion of virtual reality in classrooms is a progressing change that brings high levels of interaction and engagement among students. Hence, we understand the uses of VR apps for the education sector.



Architecture is a flourishing industry that needs high-end solutions. The immersive sensation offered by our team’s virtual reality app development services elevates working in architecture. It is easy for VR apps to provide a 3-D view of simple plans.


Engineering and Construction

We have delivered multiple virtual reality app development services to engineering and construction services. The use of 3D modeling tools in construction is helping builders and contractors communicate the exact project details to buyers and the construction team effectively.

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Why Choose Us?

ManekTech is the preferred choice of many businesses, and numerous attributes contribute to our success story.

Support and Maintenance

We not only offer VR app development but offer dedicated support and maintenance for all apps. Hence, businesses don’t have to worry even if there are some issues in the apps. Further, we offer dedicated care for all VR apps.

Quick Turnaround

The delayed results, no matter how effective, are of no use to any business. Hence, we respect the value of a quick turnaround time for virtual reality apps. Therefore, all our apps are designed to be implemented quickly to ensure no delayed return-on-investment for the business.

Competitive Rates

Budgets are the primary concern when it comes to investing in modern technology like VR apps. This concern is a deciding factor for the success of startups and small businesses. However, all our virtual reality app development services are highly affordable and come with no hidden charges.

Agile Methodology

A lot of success in VR app development depends on the approach to development and implementation process. Therefore, Manektech adopts a highly trusted agile methodology in delivering multiple virtual reality app development services. This helps the businesses with adequate conceptualization, implementation, and consistent monitoring of VR apps.

Vast Experience

You can’t optimize VR app development services without expert implementation. Our VR team has more than five years of experience in dedicated virtual reality apps development only. Hence, all your projects are in the safe hands of experienced VR developers. It significantly increases the possibility of optimized implementation.

Strong Team

Our dedicated team of VR app developers has years of expertise in delivering professional projects. Our team combines developers, coders, testers, and user-interface designers that are hard-working and never shy from creating innovative solutions. In addition, all our VR development experts are spread globally.

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Here is a quick list of the top questions related to virtual reality apps development.

Multiple platforms offer the necessary tools and technologies for virtual reality app development. The latest platforms that facilitate VR app development include Autodesk Suite, Adobe Suite, Unreal Engine, Unity, etc. In addition, it contains frameworks and headsets for seamless app development.

Any business looking for high-end apps can go for virtual reality apps for their customers. The top industries using VR technology apps include training, arts, education, healthcare, construction, engineering, architecture, etc. Hence, manufacturing and services can leverage the potential of VR.

Virtual reality app development requires an extensive background in virtual reality development and computer programming at the same time. It may seem that virtual reality apps are complicated, but the results can be positive with appropriate knowledge of the technology and expertise in coding.

Small businesses can get the best out of virtual reality app development services by attracting more customers. Product personalization and instant product information are other main benefits of VR apps for small businesses. In addition, you can use these apps in marketing campaigns offering a high-end user experience.

The cost of the virtual reality app development services depends on the features and type of the app. On average, a VR app development may require budgets in the range of 25,000 USD to 50,000 USD. On the other hand, if a business is looking for a VR app with a gaming facility, the costs may range between 40,000 to 75,000 USD.


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