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With a CMS that’s easy to use, easy to extend and easy to maintain, you have the leverage to organize your content with design flexibility and achieve a highly professional looking website. At ManekTech, we deliver secured SilverStripe solutions to help you ascend towards sustainable and successful business.

SilverStripe SilverStripe

Discover a World of Possibilities with ManekTech’s SilverStripe Development Services

Optimized code structure, impactful frontend template engine along with almost-impenetrable layers of security – these notable features of SilverStripe along with a lot more gives it a distinctive place in the web development industry. SilverStripe offers administrative editing interface along with RESTful API which assists in working out coherent business models. It further enlists myriad of modules that add enriching features to existing websites like web forms, OpenID authentication, advanced workflow management and blog management.

ManekTech has seasoned SilverStripe programmers who have prominent experience in this platform and with their technical knowhow, they provide cutting edge and flexible CMS as well as rational web app solutions to our clients. To further augment productivity of our tailored CMS platforms, we offer cloud computing services so that our clients can make their business easily accessible and hence, more serviceable.

SilverStripe Development Services

Social Media Integrations

Social Media Integrations

Social media channels are crucial for amplifying an organization’s online presence. Thus, along with our exclusive SilverStripe design and development services, we also serve clients with social media integrations operations for premium networking channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter on your SilverStripe websites. Well-planned social media integrations can multiply the possibilities of boosting your overall website traffic.

So our team helps you with complete administrative options to control misuse and well-structured login and registration support. Our integrations give you controlled access across all your web properties and have the capability to direct your customers on various website pages from social media channels.

SilverStripe CMS Development

SilverStripe CMS Development

SilverStripe CMS has some brilliant built-in tools which allow more resilience to developers and content creators. ManekTech’s adept SilverStripe development team uses it to the fullest and delivers clients with the efficacy of tailored content management systems. Our customized CMS systems are easy-to-use and provide enterprise-level content scalability, presentation and editing facilities.

We keep our CMS flexible enough for future amendments so that they can be reworked to accommodate growing technologies. Our SilverStripe CMS development services grant features like SEO-optimized content, embedding of media, drag-and-drop navigation, customized templates and multi-lingual support.

Customized Web App Development

Customized Web App Development

ManekTech has dedicated SilverStripe developers and project managers who focus on providing 360-degrees assistance to our clients on their customized web app development including tailored theme designs, backend development, testing, and deployment services for efficient workflows. We create websites that can cater to a series of complex business requirements. Apart from customized web app development, our SilverStripe developers also help you with progressive web development for offline availability of sites, data analytics mechanisms with machine learning technology and site upgrades.

Website Theme Strategy

Website Theme Strategy

SilverStripe helps provide the best strategic solutions by amplifying your website’s design with customized theme development or by tweaking the most suitable theme available on SilverStripe’s resources. Using the framework, our team enables you to choose an excellent website theme and support you with strategies like discoveries, ideas, patterns, and trends. While creating an effective CMS, our primary focus is on articulating designs that reflect innovation and encourages easy usability.

By understanding the user’s demands, wants, and needs and identifying the central problems of your sector, we design a solution-based theme strategy that results in improved user experience and improvised decision making. This method helps us in providing a tailored web theme solution for your enterprise which exclusively solves all your designing ailments.

SilverStripe Cloud Services

SilverStripe Cloud Services

Our SilverStripe Cloud services help clients in making their data easily accessible and keeping it safe as well. Our cloud computing helps clients to upscale their websites and web applications by loading pages faster for the end-users from any place. Our SilverStripe cloud services come in extremely handy for clients and help them deal with failures in networks and web components and also make sure that our clients only pay for the used resources. With cloud computing, we give developed tools so that our clients can connect third-party services with SilverStripe to integrate the development and testing process smoothly.

SilverStripe Maintenance and Support

SilverStripe Maintenance and Support

ManekTech has a dedicated support team which supplies clients with round the clock maintenance services in order to reduce roadblocks that hamper productivity and bring down your app’s performance. Our SilverStripe maintenance and support services help clients to keep their sites secure, reliable and help them to run with the same efficacy as they did post their neonatal development. Our maintenance and support services include:

- CMS Upgrades and bug-fixing

- Security upgrades including testing and executing secured patches

- Custom code support for resolution of defects of web components

- Code audits and code reviews to assess any potential defects

- Performance reviews with close monitoring, analysis and reporting

Hire SilverStripe Developers

Hire SilverStripe Developers

At ManekTech, we have gathered experience in SilverStripe development that expands over a decades. Our dedicated SilverStripe developers ensure that you get nothing but the best and that your CMS app not only looks great but also assures meaningful conversions. Our developers are known for delivering highly responsive web and mobile applications to provide seamless experience for end-users.

Our developers keep themselves abreast with the latest tools and technologies to serve you with the most prolific content management systems. Hiring our developers will also enable you to integrate third-party applications with your existing system and further help you in better planning and management of content.

Hire SilverStripe Developer

ManekTech’s developers are capable of pulling out the maximum technological benefits from this robust CMS platform. Hire SilverStripe developer from us to get fully-functional websites enhanced with quality designs and awesome add-ons.

Hire SilverStripe Developer

Hire SilverStripe Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • PHP
  • CSS
  • HTML

Hire SilverStripe Developer

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We elevate your silverstripe development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech For SilverStripe Development?

ManekTech offers clients with an extensive range of SilverStripe design and development services that are fast, robust, secure, and scalable. Our certified SilverStripe developers ensure that your website’s CMS is well-planned to offer a mesmerizing user experience and has all the features to make your content management process easy and effective. We invest in the best technology stack and help you save valuable resources by offering affordable SilverStripe development services.

Our research analysts conduct detailed research based on your requirements to ensure that your website meets the objectives. We are flexible and that’s why, our SilverStripe developers can address even the most complex web apps development challenges. Collaborate with our SilverStripe development services to gain competitive advantages like:

Migration of CMS apps and sites from one platform to SilverStripe and from old SilverStripe versions to new ones

Exclusive assistance of our PPC and SEO teams for designing wireframes and sitemaps

QA testing with automated and manual processes for quality product delivery

Tailored integration of databases and applications to create secure designs and web development

Dedicated and seasoned SilverStripe developers for hire at flexible engagement models

Smooth and secured content migration to complete automation of content

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

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Frequently Asked Questions

At ManekTech, we work to grow our client’s content management system so that you can manage content and boost overall productivity. Our SilverStripe design and development services team creates a unique infrastructure that caters to our client’s demands. Our dedicated SilverStripe developers are skilled, trained, and professional individuals that provide the best Silverstripe development services and ensure you get maximum ROIs.

SilverStripe Content management system ensures that you provide the right content to the right customer and improve your ROI that helps your business to grow massively. It is a highly preferred content management system by developers as it allows fulfilling the client’s requirements by providing them customized templates, themes, and content. Some of the wow featured of SilverStripe CMS are:

  • Headless CMS
  • Content blocks
  • Multiple language support
  • Open-source
  • Very easy to use and scale
  • Thousands of add-ons
  • User access level and workflow

Yes, our mobile applications are mobile-friendly so that they can fit on all your device’s varied screens. Our solutions are compiled to provide in all your mobile platforms so that they can work seamlessly throughout. These applications are responsive, easy to use, and search engine friendly.

Our mechanism includes previewing our client’s demands, testing the already existing CMS, building a new CMS to cater to the client’s organizational goals, designing a customized theme, templates, designs, and planning to adopt these recent changes to the existing CMS. We also help you to migrate to SilverStripe by ensuring no data loss and complete security.

We have a team of professional Silverstripe developers to help you with your CMS-related queries. Our dedicated SilverStripe developers are friendly, easy-to-talk individuals who will provide you solutions that will grow your business and help you establish yourself as a brand. We also have a jQuery setup with some inbuilt web components that can come in handy while developing your CMS.

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