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ManekTech’s Salesforce development comes as a boon for organizations which look forward to rationalize, restructure and rebuild their brand image with exceptional CRMs, automation of critical business procedures and in-depth analysis to work in decorous convergence with upcoming and emerging market trends.

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Keep Up with Track-and-Trace Business Trends with Our Salesforce Development Services

2020’s pandemic has flared the use of Internet-based services in full-fledged manner and is now playing a crucial role in redefining the new shopping, browsing and corporate culture. But with the ease of ‘work, shop and browse from anywhere’ comes the risk of miscommunication and data loss, especially when your applications are used extensively by your customers and that’s where Salesforce comes in. Its cloud-based architecture encourages easy sharing, storing, and retrieval of data. It eases up the collaboration process of organizations with customers and vice versa. While it enables customers to track minute details, it allows organizations to trace their customer’s information so that they can make their apps more effectual, less troublesome and dynamic.

ManekTech’s Salesforce development services convert these concepts into functional apps through which you can close the communication gaps with your customers and open up to them by maintaining transparency. At the same time, we provide synergizing solutions to enterprises so that they can embrace the new work culture without any side effects. Our customized Salesforce solutions enable you to unify customer information and data so that tracking and maintaining their data becomes hassle-free and productivity can also be kept intact.

Salesforce Development Services

List of Sub-services

Customised Salesforce Development

Customised Salesforce Development

The business culture throughout the world is evolving and enterprises need to evolve too. Web applications find wide usage among consumers who rely heavily on Internet-based services to get their ad hoc jobs done. Now that being good news for enterprises also bring its own set of challenges as it demands maintaining the efficacy between them and their end users via their web apps. Special setups and IT infrastructure are required that are in alignment with the physical workflow. In this aspect, proceeding with sound knowledge is a must as misled information can result into mayhem.

ManekTech makes this task easier for you by providing consequential customised Salesforce development services. Our Salesforce experts provide cutting edge Salesforce solutions like consultation, Salesforce configuration, administration, product development and Salesforce support to help maintain a seamless and automated work culture. Through our customized Salesforce development, we help you to implement new and innovative ideas from our firm. We analyze cloud compatibility and scale your workflows while accounting for future industrial changes.

Salesforce Integration Services

Salesforce Integration Services

Over the time, Salesforce has evolved to become a multidimensional, collaborative platform. To make the most out of it, ManekTech assists you with its SalesForce integration services which coalesce different applications that are necessary to suffice your business needs. Our Salesforce development team is well-versed with its AppExchange marketplace through which we find, integrate and implement the functionalities of other popular platforms and programs to curate a workflow pipeline that eliminates operational bottlenecks.

At ManekTech, we present our clients with core technical Salesforce integration services to remodel enterprise workflows by utilizing its Lightning Platform and Experience Cloud features and set up brilliant management systems to handle critical tasks and issues. This allows organizations to have better control over their customers and employees as well and result in increased employee efficiency, quality customer service and task monitoring.

SalesForce Implementation

SalesForce Implementation

There’s no doubt in it that competent CRMs are capable of improving business success rates, especially when you have an extensive platform like Salesforce implemented right into your system. With its array of cloud-based services and analytical tools, it enables enterprises to build long-lasting relationships with their customers by encouraging better response, customer-centric eCommerce features and personalized marketing apps to know consumers in better ways.

Once ManekTech’s adept Salesforce development team implements it with your business models, you would experience a better customer retention rate. Some widely acclaimed benefits of our SalesForce implementation services in your business are:

- Availability of detailed customer information database which in turn helps in improving your call to actions and inflict improved customer satisfaction

- Improved storage systems where a large amount of data can be stored on the SalesForce cloud once it has been implemented

- Establish long-lasting relationships with customers via improvised customer-centric services

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

When it comes to customized Salesforce development services, ManekTech has the benefits of exposure and experience. Through a detailed workflow analysis, we make an account of the changes your enterprise needs, simultaneously removing unnecessary processes and streamlining your business operations by automating crucial operations. ManekTech’s Salesforce developers are equipped to curate web parts, create flawless applications and create efficient behind-the-scene functionalities to transform your enterprise’s CRM systems.

Our custom application development services provide you with applications that are:

- Going to add functionality to your CRM

- Agile and compact and provide niche solution to specific customer related issues

- Capable of being used as a secondary source of revenue by listing them on AppExchange

- Steady enough to be integrated with other Salesforce products thereby resulting in enhanced productivity

Salesforce Support Services

Salesforce Support Services

ManekTech provides 360-degree support to its clients to handle all technical and non-technical issues on the go for all Salesforce frameworks including Customer-360 and Einstein AI. As a certified Salesforce development firm, we extend our full-fledged support ecosystem to help your enterprise keep up with growing customer base and increasing database and stay updated with the latest Salesforce trends. We perform regular health check on security and operational concerns and accordingly take corrective measures to ensure that there are no hiccups in your management, collaboration and productivity.

Hire SalesForce Developer

Hire SalesForce Developer

By hiring experienced developers from ManekTech for your CRM project, you certainly get the perks of deep-seated domain know-how and along with that dedicated veterans who are capable of comprehending your business prerequisites and accordingly design tailor-made solutions. Our team of developers will be using only modernistic tools for providing a bug-free SalesForce solution.

Other highlighted perks that you get by collaborating with us are:

- Migration of your legacy CRMs and apps to Saleforce

- Extension of your current CRM with Salesforce integration

- Smart utilization of Einstein AI to create customized AI-powered apps and solutions

- Dashboards and reporting solutions to make information more cohesive

Hire Salesforce Developer

Instilling enriching factors in your CRM system will require skilled minds with industry expertise and ManekTech already has such intelligent minds. Our Salesforce developers can handle any Salesforce task with ease and balance of their knowledge and experience. Hire Salesforce developer from ManekTech to empower your brand with Salesforce’s robust tools like Lightning.

Hire Salesforce Developer

Hire Salesforce Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced full stack Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about web architecture and back end development.

  • JavaScript
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • HTML

Hire Salesforce Developer

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We elevate your salesforce development strategy, offer end to end services and build next-gen Project.

Why ManekTech for Salesforce Web Development?

Salesforce has become one of the most groundbreaking platforms of computing world that help enterprises to pace up their performance and adapt to the changing dynamics of corporate and consumer world. At ManekTech, we cover almost every facet of Salesforce development and create centralized systems with this innovative and its suite of tools to facilitate data and information exchange between our clients and their customers. Our Salesforce experts help you build full-fledged and progressive Salesforce solutions that favour scalability and profitability.

Collaborate with us to avail maximum benefits for your enterprise including:

Sound domain expertise in core Salesforce technologies to create multi-purpose solutions

Sustainable Salesforce solutions with high data security and admin protocols

Relentless support by our technical team to resolve any functional issue on ASAP basis

Comprehensive Salesforce consulting to formulate feasible solutions

Optimum utilization of Customer-360 for implementation of systematic and efficient customer management systems

Customized Salesforce development services to bring about niche changes for profitable output

Software Portfolio

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce is an effective tool used to manage customer relationships in many departments, like sales and marketing. To provide a prominent experience to customers. Salesforce platform provides you services like software development, digital marketing, Web and CMS development, etc.

Salesforce doesn’t provide a complimentary ERP Solution. There are third-party vendors, which provide other cloud-based ERP systems. They are built on the Salesforce cloud platform only. We can help you integrate those third-party applications into your Salesforce web application development.

The cost of a salesforce CRM varies depending on different features and products. These features and products have different editions in them that make their value vary accordingly. The most basic Salesforce application development would roughly cost around $25 for a month.

Undoubtedly, Salesforce is emerging as one of the most successful CRM platforms. Salesforce app builders give your employees a choice to add products and additional features according to their needs to land clients and customers and work efficiently on the Salesforce platform.

Salesforce has done wonders for almost every domain. Salesforce would be best for any sector, which includes sales, marketing, and provides service. Under our Salesforce experts' guidance, one can use it for professional sectors like IT firms, real estate, banking, etc.

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