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MT PMS offers support for resource management, time tracking and management, planning and reports. Its design relies on a single navigation bar which links to key areas of the platform. The centralized dashboard keeps users updated on the most recent activity and progress of each project. MT PMS solution provides users with a centralized repository to access and search relevant content according to project requirements. The system lets managers restrict access to confidential data and collaboration within closed groups. Admin can publish, organize and access company information in a central location.

Features Of Solution

MT PMS is a project management and collaboration tool for teams that want higher productivity, greater visibility, and simple project tracking. let us see more features.

Dashboard Module

  • ManekTech built PMS Solution which shows you all the key metrics related to your project in one easy-to-read window in your Dashboard.
  • This makes future planning, tracking, and searching for important patterns easier while tracking the Project management Solution as a whole.
  • Dashboard mainly provides you contact details of the project members so incase for any urgency related to project/task, one can directly get contact info from PMS.
  • And few more benefits, Employee can see their project details and status associated with which team till how long the employee is in the project, also leave related details and companies day-to-day announcement.
  • If any employees has worked more then estimated time given by the project manager, then PMS shows you in red highlight the total hours spend on each projects.

Utility Module

  • Online project management Software Keep track of the progress with  Activity graphs.
  • You can see how many work items were added, moved across statuses, closed, responded, or even stayed idle every day.
  • You can track the about least-engaged group members using the Status Ratio section, where you'll receive a status breakdown for each of their visual work items.
  • PMS Solution can assist you with a particular name and distribute your teams work more efficiently and economically.
  • You also get the daily announcement of new joining, employees working anniversary, certification, birthday, appreciation etc.
  • And there is also one Assessment chart in which employee can rate there self with verified reporting person.
  • Any employee of the company can connect through Inventory list to any PC related hardware/software work by support admin.
  • Leave notify generally gives you estimate the date of the leave and reason of leave notice.

General Module

  • PMS have their employees working hours for free employees which the particular project manager can view, So sales department can know which department needs more project to work on.
  • In general Time-sheet lets, you track your working hours, approve time logs, and get a sense of how long work items take so you can estimate better with each run.
  • Track and arrange the time logs for each team member in a Project management System with Time sheet.
  • Users can select from the project's items assigned to them, and enter the time spent on each item.
  • Any inquiry related to payroll,MT work or HR, one can add inquiry type and inquiry related issue details and add to general.

Attendance Module

  • Each and every employee has a 12-month's attendance calendar that makes it easy to capture and display patterns.
  • It's that easy! And only takes a few seconds to maintain on a day-to-day or weekly basis. With absence records at your fingertips.
  • The PMS Solution has a feature called Punching system which uses advanced recognition technology for daily In time-out time and total working hours and attendance sheet also shows you yearly public holidays.
  • All in one window makes easy working for employees

Project Module

  • Any of the employee projects can have a dedicated team where all of the files, discussions, and tasks concern to that project are stored and accessed only by those team member who are relevant to the work project
  • Relevant Time spent on each task within the project can be tracked particularly, and tasks are merged into the group calendar.
  • The project can be created in the Extranet, so team members can participate fully in them and can share the following portfolio.

Reports Module

  • One can see all the reports for accomplishing project/Task cancelled or pending and analyze the team communicates that went into each previous release.
  • They will get notifications any time when the task is updated or its status is changed.
  • The employee can see a Task summary by Project status from day-to-day.
  • Reports also show you project summary of employee associated with which task and estimated status of working.

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