Workout Planner: Gym Workout Tracking Web App

User-friendly gym workout log web app for tracking workouts. It’s great for gym owners, coaches, and individuals. User can schedule classes, can see their progress.

AngularJS , Asp.Net MVC


Our valued client belongs to the fitness industry, aiming to develop a gym tracker platform to simplify performance tracking for users and easy management of the workouts and gym members for the gym owners.


Developing a user-friendly and centralized web-based workout tracking web app to help individuals track their scores and enhance productivity. A platform that allows the Gym owner and Coach to create exercises and workout plans.

Some of the project's Key challenges were:

  • Gympass and Wellpass API Integration: We linked Gympass and Well pass systems so users can easily join gyms and check-in. Data is kept up-to-date through Webhooks in the Workout Planner web app.
  • PDF Generation using QuestPDF: We created subscription and SEPA invoices in PDF format using C# classes without needing extra tools. This matched the client's needs while following software rules.
  • Background Email Sending Without Third-Party Libraries: Our team found a way to send 300+ emails in the background without buying outside tools. This satisfied the client's data worries and ensured efficient email delivery.
  • Crossfit API Data Conversion: Converting and structuring raw workout data from Crossfit API into usable C# classes for integration into Workout Planner. Overcoming the challenge of unclear API responses and creating a reliable data converter.


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Considering the client’s requirements, we have developed a web-based gym workout plan & log tracker that helps individuals track their workout routines. This gives effortless access to the Gym owner and a Coach to add workout plans and exercise models. Overall, it helps to log workout results and improve the fitness performance of the individuals.

  • Multiple user roles: Offer various user roles, each having different permissions and capabilities.
    • Workout Planner’s Owners: Manage the membership plans, manage the gym owners, and view the reports and statistics.
    • Coaches: Manage workouts, monitor the progress of gym members, and get ratings and reviews from the members.
    • Athletes: Allows users to track their individual progress and can compete with the other athletes by comparing the results.
  • Schedule Classes: Coaches/trainers can organize the class using the workout planner which will benefit the member to avoid jam-packed classes, and view family and friends attending similar sessions for grouping.

  • Analyse Personal Data: This helps gym members to track personal records, how day by day they are making development with valid history. This will also help the gym member to history (personal records) and identify weaknesses (things where an individual is not making progress).
  • Manage Contracts and Payments: Allows gym owners to keep track of the members and if they get paid. A workout planner will help gym owners manage the gym members, define different contract categories, and manage the payment of the members.
  •  Allows to Share Workout Results: Using this feature the gym member will be able to share the workout results on social media such as Facebook. The gym member can also be able to view the workout of the day on Facebook if they weren’t able to attend it.
  • Cross-Gym Workout Integration: This feature will help the gym member stay connected and organized. If a member is switching between the gyms, their workouts and attendance will still show up in the Workout Planner.
  • Product Shop Integration:  The premium membership will have the privilege to gym owners to sell their products by creating an online store.
  • Diet Plan Provided by Gym Owner/Trainer: Gym owners and trainers will be able to view the statistical development of the members, and based on their workout, which they are doing weekly, the owner or trainer can assign the diet plan to every individual member


In a Nutshell, the Gym management web app gives a mission towards fitness for better results. Gym owners can manage chores accurately, coaches can easily guide workouts, and members can evaluate their fitness with satisfactory outcomes towards the projection. Members can schedule classes, see their performance, and process payment easily. Sharing workouts on social media is easy access. It's like having a companion for your fitness journey, making things simpler and modernized.

Technologies and Tools

  • Frontend: AngularJs
  • Backend: Asp.Net MVC
  • Database: MSSQL

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