Every software developer is into mobile apps nowadays because its technology has revolutionized how the citizens of the world work, stay informed, and shop. A great majority of people around the world now owns a mobile phone, even children just starting school.

So, you’re thinking to make a lot of money by creating your own mobile app. But how do you choose the best mobile app technology that will ensure your success?

You Have To Learn The Basics First

First, you need to understand that to develop a mobile app; you have to determine what it is that you are aiming for. The first fundamental question you need to ask yourself is: which app should I be working on – is it a web app, a native app or a hybrid app. There are some differences between these three types of mobile apps. You’ve got to nail down the type of app that will be most attuned to your idea of success.

Three Types Of Mobile Apps

To help you choose which type of app you need to work on, here are some basic concepts about each of them.

1. Web app

Basically, this app functions through web browsers installed on mobile devices. Web standards such as CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 are used in its development, enabling the app to function on multiple platforms including Windows Mobile, tablets, Android phones, and Mac’s iPads and iPhones.

2. Native app

A native app is a standalone program that you install directly on your mobile device such as a smartphone. These apps are developed just for one platform alone using its native language such as C# for Windows Phones, Java for Android phones and Objective-C for Apple iOS.

3. Hybrid app

As the word implies, this app is a combination of the first two apps. Thus, this app can offer the best features of both native and web apps.

Choosing The Best Mobile App Technology

Now, that you know the basic differences between the three kinds of app technologies available today, you might think that the best one is the hybrid app since it offers the best of both worlds.

This, however, is just looking at the surface of the equation. You must understand that web apps and native apps offer their own benefits and features, which could factor in your original purpose in developing your own mobile app.

In other words, you really have to dig deeper into the advantages and even the disadvantages of these three apps before you can really define which of them will be the best for your purpose.

Questions You Need To Ask

To best determine which of these mobile apps you need to focus on, you need to ask yourself the following questions. They will help you see the right direction that you will need to take.

1. Who is your target market?

2. How long would you be able to develop this app?

3. Is multi-platform compatibility very important for the app?

4. What experience do you want your users to have with your app?

5. Do you need to worry about industry-specific regulations?

6. What are the required functions of the app?

7. Do you need the app to run if connection is bad or even if it is offline?

8. How much will the app cost?

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