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    Finally, have outlined the full idea of the mobile app you want to create and the time to turn this idea into reality has come. The major work ahead is mobile app development. You are looking for the best mobile app developer and are really confused on where to start. Well! We have your answers. Given below are the tips that will help you hire the best developer.

    1. Start With Your Network

    Spread the news of the vacancy with you. Let everyone you come across know of the vacancy. Do not hesitate to ask someone unrelated to the field. That person may be aware of any such developer in his/her network. In this process, you may come across an acquaintance of a few good developers. Plus, we will have the benefit of word-of-mouth experiences of the developer.

    2. Look For Someone Adding Value To Your Business

    The developer should understand your idea and belief in it. He/she should share their passion for making the business a success instead of just working to earn. The developer should add value to the future and business of the app with his work. He should be a thought-oriented person with ideas to make the app a success.

    3. Examine The Portfolio

    Many times it is easy to find developers with expertise in Android app development. The person may be very good but may lack experience in iPhone app development. The developer you require should hold a good experience of app development on any platform. The mobile app is not only about development but also its user experience and design. The developer should have excellent skill in UX and UI.Go through the portfolio and find out the apps that were created by him/her. Download and play around with the app to check its robustness and quality. Enquire the developer about the designs and code of the app to check if it was genuinely created by the developer.

    4. Hire Someone For Long Term Association

    Find out the work history of the developer. Enquire about his plans of staying with you. Make sure that he is looking for long-term association and wishes to be part of your success.

    5. Enquire About The Work Pattern

    Ask the developer about his reporting routine and pattern. Find out if the developer is ready to look at his work from a broader aspect. He should have a good understanding of usability, design, testing, and all other components and phases of mobile app development. He/she should be ready for quality contribution in every field. The developer should be readily available in case any major issue arises with the app in any phase of development. He/she should provide post-deployment support as well.

    6. Check Client References

    Client references are always better than any proof or work on paper. A developer with rich experience will always have client references.

    7. Prefer Quality Over Money

    Do not compromise on payment if you finally come across a good developer. Quality will come with a price. Hiring a mediocre just to satisfy the pay scale may cost you more. It may take more duration to complete the app with a large number of reworks. Also, the final output may not be as per expectation. So, hire the best Mobile application developer with the best pay.

    You may not find a developer best in everything but you can choose the best from the available lot who can get molded as per the requirements. Take time to engage with the developer and find out all the details. Make sure to include all the mentioned points in your recruitment process and half of the work towards a great app is done.

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    Nikhil Solanki has 10+ years of experience in Mobile App Development and currently works as the Mobile Lead at ManekTechworked. He is an experienced Mobile lead with a demonstrated history of working in Mobile's information technology and services industry. 

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