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    iOS developers undertake a wide range of responsibilities. These include maintaining the compatibility of the distinct versions of iOS applications, obtaining App Store approvals, and more. Therefore, companies look for ways to hire iPhone app developers with relevant experience and expertise.

    In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in usage as well as the popularity of Apple devices. So, hiring an expert professional is the best bet for a company to gain traction in the iOS app market in the current situation. Read on to get an insight into the process to do it in detail.

    Important Considerations for Hiring iPhone App Development Professionals

    Every company wants to hire the best team of iOS app developers. But it is not as easy as it seems on paper. To accomplish this task, you need to understand the requirements and objectives of a project. 

    Apart from assigning the job to the right person, it will also help you make informed decisions for budget planning, team roles, and deadlines for your project.

    Here are a few key considerations that you need to make to make certain that you hand over your project to the right professional.

    Hire iPhone App Developers Based on Their Skills & Experience

    The first thing you need to look in a developer is their experience. Based on this criterion, you can segregate them into junior, middle, and senior levels. 

    Wondering how to make this segregation? The best and easiest way to do it is to consider a developer’s tenure or the number of years for which they have worked. 

    You can consider individuals with two years of work experience as a junior developers. Likewise, you can count an individual with six or more years of work experience as a senior developer. Those professionals whose work experience is intermediate to these categories belong to the mid-level.

    While this segregation will simplify the selection of developers to a large extent, you will also need to consider their skills. The combination of both these attributes will play a vital role in the success of your iOS app development projects.

    The skills you need to look for in a developer include the following:

    • Proficiency in Swift iOS native language and Objective - C
    • A good understanding of UI/UX standards
    • Knowledge of Core Data framework, Metal, and Open GL
    • Experience of working on Advanced code versioning instruments
    • Awareness concerning Apple Human Interface Guidelines (AHIG)
    • Understanding of Xcode IDE and APIs


    hire dedicated iphone app developers

    Considering the Portfolio is Your Best Bet to Hire Dedicated iPhone Developers

    For a developer, their portfolio is as important as their work experience. But how can you know about it? To find it out, you need to know about the specialization, duties and responsibilities of their previous employment. Along with it, you also need to find out the details of their achievements in their previous employment.

    If required, also ask them about some iPhone applications that they have built and evaluate them. To do it, run their apps on a compatible iPhone device and also go through the reviews of its users on the App Store.

    With these steps, you can form an opinion about a developer’s method of working and their technical expertise. This way, you can make a well-informed decision to hire iPhone app developers for your project. 

    Consider the Soft Skills in a Developer before Making Your Hiring Decision

    In general, soft skills are as important for developers as their technical skills. The case with iOS developers is not an exception to this rule.

    You might want to associate with a developer who can work with a team rather than working individually. For this to happen, it is imperative that a developer has the ability to collaborate with the other members of a team. Generally, soft skills play an important role in it.

    The hallmark feature of soft skills is that it makes one proficient at communicating clearly with others in a respectable way. This feature can go a long way to address the problems of miscommunication or misunderstandings in a team environment.

    Other than soft skills, you might also want to find out how well an individual fits into your work culture. This will help you ensure their compatibility with other team members when you collaborate them with others for projects involving teamwork.

    Outsourcing or In-House Professionals - That’s the Question

    You have three options to hire iPhone developers in India or abroad - freelancers, outsourced iOS app developers, and in-house iOS app, developers. All these options have their own upsides and downsides.

    You can go with a freelancer if you have projects on which you need an individual with higher skill sets. This option helps you overcome geographical barriers, meaning you can have them work for you remotely from any region in the world.

    If you have long-term projects for which you wish to hire dedicated iPhone developers on a salary basis, then hiring in-house professionals is the ideal choice for you. However, under this arrangement, you will also need to think about hiring professionals who can manage them and maintain their level of productivity.

    Last but not least, there is another option that can save you time, money, and effort- all at one sitting: the option of employing outsourcing iPhone app development professionals. 

    Whether you wish to iPhone App Development India or USA, you can meet both needs with finesse. Among other things, it will give you the peace of mind that you've assigned your project to a company that will manage its workforce. 

    An informed decision on the selection of an outsourcing company is vital for the success of this move. That is to say; you need to choose the best company for this purpose.

    Need Help to Hire Dedicated iPhone Developers in India and the United States?

    You may find it a little complex to hire iPhone developers in India or the US-based on current dynamics of the iPhone app market at present if you try to do it on your own. No worries, though. 

    At ManekTech, we have a team of ready-made professionals to meet the requirements of your iOS application development projects. You can bank on them to steer all your projects through to success.  

    Want to know more about how you can hire iOS app developers with us? Contact us now!

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