Top 12 Features Of Microsoft Dynamics 365 That Make It A Worthwhile Investment

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    Microsoft Dynamics is a trending ERP and CRM enterprise system developed to solve the challenges of organizations and their customers. Besides meeting the current challenges, Microsoft Dynamics makes the entire system futuristic by equipping them with tools and intelligence to scale with time and quickly adapt to market changes. MS Dynamics is a set of intelligent tools that can be used to run all the processes and functioning of any business.

    Here are 12 of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can help every company enhance productivity. 

    1. Microsoft Dynamics Customer Data Platform

    This has two segments – customer insights and customer's voice. Customer insights offer a real-time customer data platform that helps the organization understand its customers and offers a higher level of personalization. Marketers can orchestrate customer journeys to predict consumer behavior and create the required solution. The customer's voice is about collecting and effectively using customer feedback with the help of a feedback management solution. 

    2. Microsoft Dynamics Sales

    Microsoft Dynamics brings forth actionable sales intelligence for the sales team to work upon. The sales team gets a priority list for the activities for efficient time and resource management. The sales team can use the Microsoft dynamics sales feature to understand the revenue fluctuations and focus on the areas that demand attention. 

    3. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Service

    This feature is inclusive of customer service, field service, and remote assistance. Organizations get to employ AI-powered productivity tools to help sales agents. They can also get the help of virtual agents to enhance their visibility and improve the customer experience. The data insights can help the companies offer predictive services to evolve with customer needs and solve the issues before they become huge. Organizations can Hire Microsoft dynamics development services to exploit this tool to its maximum potential. 

    4. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 

    Marketers can use AI-driven channels to predict the customer behavior, and intelligent recommendations to design effective content for the audience. This move is towards enabling marketers to personalize the user journey and create impactful marketing campaigns. There are many built-in features to facilitate better collaboration between different teams to offer a holistic customer experience. 

    5. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

    When we talk of commerce, we take different marketing channels into account. Microsoft Dynamics offers tools to upend engagement across traditional and new channels. One single platform brings all the stakeholders on one unified platform. AI-driven tools can collect data and generate useful insights regarding customer behavior, market dynamics, and the productivity of the company. 

    6. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain

    Predictive supply chain and intelligent order management can help companies build a sustainable supply chain resilient to any COVID –like disruption in the future. Innovative tools and standardized processes reduce errors and enhance efficiency. With intelligence at every step, organizations can automate the supply chain to improve management and adapt quickly to market changes. 

    7. Microsoft Dynamics Small and Medium Business

    Small and medium-sized businesses get one tool that can help them scale, boost their sales, improve customer service, and enhance productivity. Microsoft Dynamics offers customer self-service portals, and insights on customer journeys to improve the customer experience. Companies can hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to use these features to empower the team with capabilities that make them more productive. 

    8. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources

    Human resource is an integral part of every organization. The self-service portals facilitate empowerment in the users. Microsoft Dynamics brings in one platform to keep a track of different aspects such as leaves, training, compensation, and benefits. A centralized workforce data streamlines the processes and brings out valuable insights for the company.

    9. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance

    Financial reporting and AI-driven insights add a lot of value to the finance sector. The in-built tools can be used to automate different processes and help the company adapt to the changing business needs. The insights can be used to optimize the expenses across different business sections, control the budget, and maximize the financial output. It would be a great idea to connect Microsoft Dynamics development company and understand the different aspects of Microsoft Dynamics and implement them in the best possible way. 

    10. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations

    Microsoft Dynamics has tools to create better deal management experience and project management. The users can track expenses, profits, and other things to optimize resource utilization. Companies hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers to develop the agility required to drive the project through different stages to gain profits. 

    11. Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI

    Artificial intelligence is used across different processes to meaningfully use the data and make impactful decisions. AI can influence a single process as well as the complete functioning of any company. Organizations can use this intelligence to gain deeper insights into the customers and create an agile system to adapt to market changes and succeed. 

    12. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality

    Adopting mixed reality can be another reason to bring Microsoft Dynamics development services on board. A step-by-step guide for different processes enables the employees to carry out different processes without programming or any other hard skill. Intelligent guides can be created to streamline the existing workflows. This tool can be effectively used by companies to develop a trained workforce. Mixed reality guides are adopted by companies to create immersive learning experiences and enhance productivity. 


    These features can be used as the major highlights of Microsoft Dynamics 365. There is a whole set of features that can be integrated to improve the efficiency of the business. It would be best to hire Microsoft dynamics development services to understand every aspect and implement them to maximize the output of every process. Hire Microsoft Dynamics CRM developers or services today to get started with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and gain intelligent backing for every process.

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