Why Should C-Level Executives Decide to Be a Part of The Flutter Revolution?

Today, the business isn’t only about offerings but the experience. Every business owner intends to provide a great experience to customers, compelling them to reuse the service and bring their loyalty with them. C-level executives like CTOs and CIOs of every size of the company are seeking mobile applications to deliver a superior experience to customers. We have witnessed a rise in mobile application development frameworks in recent years. React Native, Angular JS, and Xamarin have emerged as some of the popular frameworks. Google Flutter is a new market entrant, creating a ripple in the mobile framework industry. Its demand has been increasing among developers. The popularity that was estimated to be 30% in 2019 rose to 42% in 2021. It’s worth taking a pause and understanding what makes Flutter this popular.

Problems Faced by the C-Level Executives

Today, the enterprise and organizations in any sector are dealing with two significant challenges:

1) Fierce competition

Every company has acknowledged customer experience as the key differentiator. As a result, the race to develop the best mobile apps has begun. Every stakeholder is keen to leverage the advanced technologies and mobile platforms that bring high performance, scalability, fast development, and customer satisfaction to the table. 

2) Rise in cost

Adding features, speed, hardware, and other components adds to the expenses incurred in developing a mobile application. These challenges make flutter app development very relevant. Let us understand what makes Flutter a revolutionary mobile app development framework. 

What is Flutter?

We are talking about an open-source hybrid app development framework that supports many development languages, including Dart, C, and C ++. As a UI toolkit, they can develop mobile applications for multiple platforms using the same code base. Dart eliminates the need for declarative layout languages as a programming language and offers Just-In-Time compilation, eventually boosting the Flutter apps. Organizations can hire Flutter developers to cut through the competition and deliver solutions at a faster pace without spending on any supporting languages or software. 

Why do the C-Level Executives Need to Pay Heed to Flutter?

Keeping the technical benefits aside, let us dive into the details that make Flutter important for every C-level executive. The stakeholders and decision-makers are concerned about the experience their business creates for the users. We have listed down four primary reasons for the C-level executives to adopt Flutter:

1. Faster Cross-Platform Development

The company heads allocate hours of productive time to build a team and timeline to build cross-platform apps. What does it take to achieve this? A team of expert developers, managers to manage different teams, large testing teams to ensure that apps for every platform are identical and perform great, and the CTOs, and CIOs to ensure that the solution is delivered on time. Now imagine using the same code base for all the applications. This is where Flutter gets the upper hand. When you hire flutter developers, you ensure a smaller team, faster development, identical applications, and outstanding performance. 

2. Ten-fold productivity

‘Hot reload’ is a fascinating feature that immediately reflects the development changes in the application, saving the time invested in recompiling the codes. In addition, this easy-to-use feature escalates the development time, ensuring a shorter time-to-market. Every high-level executive needs to know this.

3. Out-of-the-box design

Designing can go hand-in-hand with development. As you hire flutter developers in India or anywhere, you sign in to Google’s Material Design which allows you to create powerful out-of-the-box UI experience. With the customizable widgets, the flutter developers can give a native feel to the applications, making them suitable for every smart device.

4. Continuous support from different technologies and applications

Get into Flutter development to go serverless and scalable with Firebase support. Firebase brings you support for cloud storage, databases, authentication, and many more things to save your time and money invested in building a backend. On another front, Fuchia, which is expected to be at the core of many Internet of Things applications in the future, will be based on Flutter. Google ensures that Flutter stays relevant and progressive. 


Flutter is a relatively new mobile app development framework that has succeeded in creating a significant impact in the developer community. The future sighted C-level executives can contact a flutter app development company to hire flutter experts. With ease, you can find many flutter developers for hire. Organizations of every size, especially startups, can get value propositions with Flutter as it solves many challenges and makes the entire process cost-effective and hassle-free. Great features and Google support make Flutter a great app development framework for every organization and platform. Start with Flutter today to build great apps that serve all your business needs in the best possible way. 

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