Industry: Business

Finding a job is no longer enough. Make sure you get the best salary at your dream job. Knowledge is power as they say and its really required to gather market trends to make better career decisions.


  • Platform: Android
  • Language: Java
  • Architecture: MVC

Type of Services

  • Browse salaries of people in your neighborhood or across the country
    See how you stack up against others in your industry
    User-driven and location-based salary calculator and comparison app


Where there is uniqueness, there are hurdles on the way to success. ManekTech’s developers also had to face few challenges like to:

  1. Develop a Real-time Map Structure without support of any third-party API.
  2. Implement an algorithm to create light weight search on an app with the help of tree data structure such as binary search tree.



We provided a tool so that users can arm themselves with wage and compensation information that will help them learn their true worth at their dream job.
The keeps the user’s information secure and let them stay as anonymous as they wish. With our flexible user profile, they can share as much or as little compensation information as they like. The only information required to join the application is to enter salary, job title and zip code.    
This application is best for performing a salary search using real data provided by real people in real time based on locations, industries, companies, job satisfaction and much more
Key Points

  1. Flexible search facility
  2. Ability to hide user’s identity & information related to them



Hardworking and dedication always gives fruitful results. The application turns out to be a huge success with total of 5000+ downloads and is really helpful for working class people know their worth.

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