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ElectronJS is a software development platform that uses web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Electron is an open-source framework competent in delivering cross-platform web apps. It uses multiple languages to create cross-platform native desktop applications.

One can create applications on a different operating system using a shared database. A significant benefit of the development of Electron is that you can create desktop apps with well-known HTML, CSS, and JavaScript web technologies and run them on Mac, Linux, or Windows.

ElectronJS can be developed with applications dedicated to various operating systems using a standard codebase. You can use ElectronJS to develop standard stand-alone apps and desktop apps that monitor external devices such as cameras, TVs, and many other devices. All thanks to the excellent Node.js capabilities.

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Custom ElectronJS Development Services

Every business need is unique, and thus it becomes imperative to offer tailored solutions for their specific needs. As an Electron development company, ManekTech provides its customers best in class custom ElectronJS development services.

Our dedicated ElectronJS developers work with innovative ideas and use proven and tested software development methodologies to reduce complexity, risks, and unwanted costs.

They deliver stable, scalable, and highly customized electron web development services that ultimately meet your business requirements. They have a proven track record in developing custom ElectronJS applications for large, medium, and small enterprises worldwide. Moreover, they acknowledge the security, robustness, and functionalities of the application and help create a quality product right from the ground up.

Hire dedicated ElectronJS developers to experience stable yet performance-driven custom desktop applications and work seamlessly across platforms.

Cross-Platform Development Services

Gone are the days when cross-platform applications were regarded as a backup plan for those who could not buy native applications. For any market now, cell phones and desktop operating systems’ rapid development have made cross-platform application merely a necessity.

Moreover, it is a viable strategy to minimize both market time and expense while producing fantastic mobile apps that look genuinely native.

We at ManekTech exhibit commendable skills to restore the same native-like user experience on various platforms and provide you with the best cross-platform development services.

With an emphasis on full code reusability, we use a single code base to build cross-platform applications. We follow best practices and incorporate aesthetic designs for multiple platform applications. For a highly contextual user experience, we allow consistency between platforms to facilitate greater collaboration between users.

App UI/UX Developers

Who says UI and UX have gone out of style? It never does; it never will!

The user interface and user experience play an essential role in accelerating the business activities and gaining more leads. Based on the latest design trends, we at ManekTech help you create an eye-catching design with a visually pleasing application.

We fully understand that content and graphics built into the app define the experience of your users. Therefore, we have moved away from the conventional way of offering only attractive app design and collaborating with you to establish ease of use, making app interaction a pleasant user experience.

Our experienced teams concentrate on ensuring app design’s uniformity across platforms. They help you create future-oriented apps by merging aesthetics and responsiveness, offering a simple but inspiring platform for users to enjoy and work on.

API & Web Service Integration

In the past few years, API and web service integration have undergone an unprecedented rise in popularity and use. Moreover, it becomes a great alternative if you are looking to expand your product’s features to allow other developers to tap into your application and utilize their functionality.

Manektech has extensive expertise in implementing API, web service integration, and development services that connect software, applications, third-party apps, and websites through standard or custom APIs.

Given our proven experience, we use the latest technologies to reduce duplication, possible overlaps, and discrepancies within the business processes. By building APIs where numerous systems can stay linked to each other across multiple endpoints, we allow companies to leverage mobile and web applications’ maximum potential.

Hire Electron JS Programmers from ManekTech and experience it yourself!

Migration & Upgradation

New platforms and technologies are emerging every other day, and thus it becomes a need to be updated with the latest ones to avoid facing difficulties deliberately. In such a fast-paced and dynamic environment, ManekTech becomes your preferred company by providing your software and platforms for all your future needs.

Our team employs tested and validated techniques that help our clients update, migrate and upgrade their software applications while reducing hazards and, most significantly, speeding up the implementation of new platforms.

ManekTech promises Software Migration & Updates Services that are easy and fast while minimizing business downtime and optimizing business benefits. Every element of update and migration services, ranging from the evaluation to planning, remediation, end-user contact and scheduling, and go-live and support, is carefully handled.

Wish to transform your business by migrating your web app from current technology? Well, hire ManekTech!

Support & Maintenance

Application support and maintenance can be intimidating even in the best of companies. And thus, it needs technical assistance as companies expand to keep pace with rising demands.

MAt ManekTech, we can provide companies with support and maintenance at various levels tailored to their applications’ unique needs. Our team of dedicated ElectronJS programmers assists you with your new website or app’s full support and maintenance.

Our highly skilled developers are up to date with the latest technology and operating procedures. Their knowledge and experience range across multiple languages, databases, information systems, networks, and business applications. They aim to ensure that your apps are in line with the existing business requirements.

Hire ElectronJs Developers

ManekTech's team of experts is well versed in rapidly evolving technology and can help you achieve the ideal balance between the two. We offer outstanding application development, consulting, and training services on the ElectronJS framework, backed by years of experience working on technology and this industry.

We are the leading ElectronJS development company in India. Our professional and committed ElectronJS developers conduct detailed research to understand and determine your business requirements. They help you create comprehensive electron applications customized to enhance your business and run efficiently on any web browser and computer,

Following your development criteria, you can employ electron developers with our versatile hiring models. Our ElectronJS development consultants discuss your definition and perform conscientious research and analysis to include desktop application software that is sensitive yet cross-platform capable.

Hire ElectronJS Programmers from ManekTech now!

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Electron App Development Expertise

Why ManekTech For Electron App Development?

We have developed different engagement models that fit your organization’s needs and requirements, knowing your project’s specifics.

  • Our highly reliable ElectronJS engineers are known to find acceptable answers to all mistakes and problems.
  • To design and create top-notch business applications, our ElectronJS developers have comprehensive expertise.
  • For an efficient organization, our expert electron engineers continuously deploy easy-to-access and highly reliable applications.
  • We follow a strict NDA, which preserves your data, project, and concept’s suitable protection and privacy.
  • We recognize that all companies are different and have a particular need for app growth.
  • Our Electron developers ensure that scalable, and successful Electron solutions are delivered that flawlessly meet your business objectives.
  • We keep your app updated and fine-tune it to meet the latest trends in technology.

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We cater our services for various industries

  • Automotive

    Digital Solution for Automotive Industry

    The automotive industry is facing important roles in the digital technologies. Moving new customer favourites partial by developing digital technologies, new digital retail structures and suppliers are altering the way that the business worked even five years back. Items are ending up more unpredictable, security consistence and natural controls more stringent while there are enormous weights to concentrate on viewpoints, for example, advancement, auto availability, fuel productivity, expenses and limit.

    Automotive Industries really booming with IT consulting services and software solutions are focused on confirming that you overwhelmed these tasks. Using of IoT, cloud and mobile solutions, we help provide solutions of retail, sales force, maintenance, logistics including assisting your digital transformation through growths of business models.

  • Job

    Digital Solution for Job Industry

    Having an in-depth analysis of the Job domain while addressing the necessary supervisory agreements, ManekTech has worked job industry provide better digital solutions for different companies to redefine and easy processes for various firms, overcome their difficulties and evolve faster! So if you have a particular area of interest, there's a chance you can work in a suitable industry.

    One of the best, most influential but easy to use job management software with many features and functions. Employee management, Accounting Managment, Client Management. Creative agencies, Architects, Building & Construction, Business consultants, Engineers & Surveyors, IT services & consultants using this software for their business purpose.

  • Transport

    Digital Solution for Transport Industry

    The Logistic industry is experiencing a period of fast and uncommon change. ManekTech empower our customers to manage this change of their business in a sorted out, secure and ever-watchful way by utilizing our own Logistics Management Software. Transport and coordinations assume an imperative part in each business. Productivity because of transportation administration framework has turned out to be more predominant, yet reasonable today because of innovation.

    Transportation and Logistics isn't anything but difficult to duplicate. We convey an incentive to it through our counseling approach, right innovation and making trustworthy Logistics Management Software Application that appropriately fits the necessities of the customer. This enables our customers to manage the multifaceted nature of the business in a sorted out and watchful organized.

  • Government

    Digital Solution for Government Industry

    In the present Internet economy, general society requests simple access to data and administrations from practically every administration office. neighborhood Government hone has conveyed various innovation answers for enable Government pioneers to change their associations from a Government office to an eGovernment association. We comprehend that turning into an eGovernment organization takes more than changing over heritage projects to a site. Our objective is basic: enable government to utilize eBusiness advances to enhance the accessibility of data and the nature of administration to people in general.

    Create groundbreaking, subject driven projects and enhance government execution, administrations, and responsibility through distributed computing, venture portability, and examination.

  • Shopping

    Digital Solution for Shopping Industry

    ManekTech is the chief supplier of retail administration answers for the remote business - with an emphasis on advancement, readiness and administration. Our intense and natural retail administration programming, RQ, gives highlights to oversee and streamline the center elements of business, similar to POS, CRM, Inventory Management.

    Computerized Transformation can enable you to serve your clients reliably over all channels - and offers you tight controls over your in-store stock and production network to amplify your operational efficiencies.

  • Game

    Digital Solution for Game Industry

    Computer games are a solid motor for financial development. In 2018, the industry sold over more amusements and produced better income. Add up to amusement deals included buys of advanced substance, for example, online memberships, downloadable substance, portable applications, and long range interpersonal communication diversions. Training Video Game Alliance, discharged a geographic effect review of the US computer game industry's assorted geographic nearness. An intuitive guide, which incorporates an aggregation of engineer and distributer offices.

    Computer games are imbued in our way of life. Driven by probably the most imaginative personalities in the tech segment, our industry's uncommon jumps in programming and equipment connects with and moves our assorted worldwide group of onlookers. Our craftsmen and makers keep on pushing the excitement envelope, guaranteeing that our industry will.

  • Manufacturing

    Digital Solution for Manufacturing Industry

    Manufacturing firms are utilizing new computerized advances to quicken yield by enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and diminishing time to showcase. Acing powerful IT operations nonetheless, is vital to guarantee that these innovations convey the coveted upper hand.

    In the present corporate world, assembling better connections is to a great degree significant. How you offer your items or administrations is significantly more critical than what you really offer. One a player in portable undertaking is the execution of ERP frameworks, which empower business to deal with their connections in a very possible manner. Simple correspondence and joint effort with business accomplices, merchants, providers, and clients, implies better outcomes for the business all in all.

  • Business

    Digital Solution for Business Industry

    Give best smart organization system a chance to deal with your printed material while you concentrate on developing your business. Computerizing your work processes with Neat can enable spare to time, lessen expenses, and set your business up for progress. It it simple to monitor costs, solicitations, receipts, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Utilizing Business programming as the center point of your organization's accounting helps keep your independent company little and effective.

    When you know where all your essential records are, the point at which you can send information specifically from receipts to cost reports, when you never need to stress over losing your vital archive that is the point at which you're taking care of business.

  • Logistic

    Digital Solution for Logistic Industry

    The Logistics Services Industry is the foundation of worldwide supply fastens and is required to coordinate and bolster complex procedures continuously. Logistics Software is a brought together cloud based programming covering the conclusion to end needs of Third-Party Logistics, Freight Forwarders and Parcel and Courier Service Providers.

    Consolidate orders and expand the arrival on your transportation spend. Precisely conjecture request and shipment volumes to adjust transportation arranging. Increase constant perceivability into worldwide and residential sending, and improve cargo, armada, and coordinations administration. We convey area advantages for lead the way, process and program quickening agents to quick track the engagement, and business-esteem centered strategies to make business benefits obvious to numerous partners.

  • Real Estate

    Digital Solution for Real Estate Industry

    Real estate client base includes SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises), and other industry giants. Real estate software development, combination, and application experts comply with industry consumer protection standards including Security Standard and Application Data Security Standard.

    ManekTech helps create custom software and IT solutions for the real estate industry, providing advanced solutions to sell and manage properties.The core functionality and CRM empowers better customer correspondence and client following. Client relationship administration designers outfit land operators with intense databases, successful exchange and instalment modules, robotized record age frameworks, property web indexes, customer access.

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Our Portfolios


Time Tracker Project Application

This Application allows users to modify time as well, in case the user is in a meeting or out-side of office work and not using the system for a long time.


All-In-One Toolbox Application

This is an All-In-One Toolbox to store password, profile etc. This is an electronic cross-platform desktop app.



Frequently Asked Questions

Electron is a JavaScript-based open-source framework developed and maintained by GitHub. ElectronJS is used for creating desktop applications using web technologies. It uses both the runtime of the Chromium rendering engine and NodeJS; you will be able to get all the features available on those versions.

Indeed Electron is suitable for desktop apps. ElectronJS is a JavaScript framework commonly used to create cross-platform applications. For creating desktop applications, it is widely considered. The app uses web technologies to build itself; code is shared between the web and desktop applications.

There are two main ElectronJS processes: loading and rendering. The process that runs the main script of package .json and is responsible for bootstrapping the software is called the primary process. The Rendering processes are the script that runs inside the primary process and renders the show with the GUI.

Simplifying packaging, installation, upgrading, providing support for native menus, alerts, dialogs, and, finally, optimizing app crash reports are the stiff and repetitive sections of developing a desktop application. ElectronJS takes almost all essential steps to provide clients complete peace of mind.

Electron.js is the ideal solution for creating desktop applications with the same functionality as web-based applications while still recording information in a computer's file system. Additionally, if you are looking to save your time and efforts, Electron.js is a fantastic solution.

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