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Boost Your Business Revenue with Windows Application Development Services

There is no alternative to gain some significant return-on-investment in the digitally growing markets with the optimized use of the Windows App Development. It is the quickest and easiest way to let the entire world know about the business’s services and offer global clients some of the best user experiences in the market. Furthermore, it is great to have the help of experienced developers who have professionally worked on all recent technologies of Windows app development.

The seamless performance of the Windows app on multiple devices and giving an option for offline connectivity can take the business to the next level. While excellent user experience in limited resources is not enough, Windows App Development services are aimed to deliver affordability.

Top Windows App Development Services Offered by ManekTech

Windows app development involves many steps, and hence it becomes essential to go for the unified Windows app development services only.

Custom Windows App Development

Custom Windows App Development

When done for a specific set of users, Windows app development is termed as the custom one. These apps are ideal for defining the data applications with access controls. Many businesses go for the custom Windows app development as an addition to their existing business software.

There are multiple advantages of the custom Windows app development that are not limited to departmental apps. It effectively collaborates with various business apps and allows the customers to use a single app for multiple functions.

Windows App Integration

Windows App Integration

Windows app development may seem to be a complex process, but the actual worth of any Windows app is realized after its complete integration with the current operating system. Therefore, the dedicated Windows app integration services teams best manage integration to the existing Windows and other operating systems.

Professionals in Windows app integration use the power of the multiple app integration packages in offering a seamless user experience. There are numerous levels of integrations that we achieve according to the client’s requirements.

Windows App Testing

Windows App Testing

Windows app testing is highly crucial before bringing the app into highly competitive markets. The dedicated team of Windows app testing takes care of the app’s usability, functionality, stability, and security. Different types of Windows app testing are adopted to achieve desirable satisfaction results from the testing.

The effective use of testing technologies starts with the best selection according to the client’s requirements. The main types of app testing techniques are load testing, regression testing, black-box testing, functional testing, integration testing, interactive testing, accessibility testing, etc.

Windows App Migration

Windows App Migration

Transferring a Windows app from one environment to another is known as Windows app migration. It is another lucrative service that enables multiple businesses to get the best from modern technological advancements. It is a part of the trending migration processes without a single bit of data loss.

Upgrading to new technology without losing the essence of the Windows app is the key to the success of any Windows app migration. Our professionals in Windows app migration understand the challenges and deliver ambitious projects accordingly.

Windows App Support & Maintenance

Windows App Support & Maintenance

Windows apps need dedicated support and maintenance to stay high in the competition. Moreover, the windows app requires regular tech support to provide seamless availability and efficient performance to global users. As a result, our team offers total Windows application support and maintenance.

Windows app maintenance is crucial to solving the possible issues in the app. Many times, maintenance is done to prepare the app for potential risks in the future. The dedicated support and maintenance team explores the best ways to help Windows apps deliver their best.

Windows App Optimization

Windows App Optimization

Windows app optimization is what many leading Windows apps lack currently. It is an entirely dedicated process that optimizes any Windows app’s efficiency, runtime, and user experience. It is all about the proper use of the updates, cleanups, configurations, and disable features of the apps.

There are multiple steps to achieve the desired optimization levels assessed according to the Windows app’s current performance. These concepts are entirely dependent on the Windows app and hence require dedicated professional handling only.

Windows App Development

Windows App Development

Windows app development is the base of any Windows app that calls for rigorous research and hard work for creating seamless operating apps. It is an intricate process that involves the best selection of the programming languages, libraries, APIs, frameworks, and possibilities for future integrations.

The development process starts with the market analysis followed by a selection of the best technologies. Then, our Windows app developers take advantage of the top-end technologies and their expertise in ensuring the optimized implementation of technology.

Windows App Design

Windows App Design

Windows app design is the primary contact of any app with the potential customers of the business. Hence, it is crucial to have a user-friendly and intuitive app design that does excellent work in attracting global customers. Many companies prefer to have a customized Windows app design for their professional needs.

Further, it should be free from clutter and must offer much-needed information to the visitors. Finally, it adds a marketing factor to the otherwise simple Windows app that does excellent business branding.

Have Windows Application Development Challenge To Address ?

Our dedicated Windows app development services team is more than happy to help you solve your queries.

Why Choose ManekTech as Windows App Development Partner?

Manektech is the preferred choice for many clients for effective and affordable Windows app development services. The secret lies in the powerful combination of technology, expert optimization, and rigorous monitoring.

Apps With Great Synergy

Windows apps have an inheritance feature of great synergy between different platforms. Moreover, we use high-end technology that ensures the operating system’s best user experience and efficient functionality. Hence, any business looking for high-end apps can go for Windows app development from Manektech.

Cross-Platform Windows App Development

You may have heard about cross-platform Windows app development, but what is it all about? We offer dedicated Windows apps that are doubly boosted with the power of Xamarin and hence have a multi-disciplinary customer base.

Complete Windows App Development

Many companies create Windows apps, and clients think that it is the end of the work. However, ManekTech understands the power of timely maintenance and essential updates like security patches, etc. Therefore, we not only develop but offer start-to-finish Windows app development.

Experienced Windows App Developers

While all companies claim to have a dedicated team of experienced developers, we have accumulated some tech-savvy professionals. The separate teams for development and designing ensure that every professional gives their 100% to any assigned project.

Extensive Experience in the Market

Experience is something that differentiates the efficiency of multiple Windows apps. Our team has created and delivered Windows apps to global clients for many years. Hence, excellence is what we all strive for in every single partnership.

Effective Communication

While technology, cross-platform development, end-to-end Windows app management is crucial, we never underestimate the potential of seamless communication. Therefore, our team is available to solve all your queries and offer the best advice on any technical or non-technical issues related to Windows app development.

Window Apps Designed and Developed By US

Project Management Solution

Project Management Solution

MT PMS offers services and solutions for project management, resource planning and collaboration. It is designed for professional services and it is suited businesses looking for team management and project management practices to improve business performance.


  • Dashboard Module
  • Utility Module
  • General Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Project Module
  • Reports Module

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Have Windows Application Development Challenge To Address ?

Our dedicated Windows app development services team is more than happy to help you solve your queries.

Our Windows App Development Process Makes Us The Best!

We are an Windows app development firm in USA that specializes in assisting businesses in enhancing their business strategy, developing viable solutions, creating memorable experiences, and developing apps that offer significant value to users' lives.

Our Windows App Development Process Makes Us The Best!

Hire Developers for Windows Application Development

We collaborate with you to bring your concept to life and assist you in creating a visually appealing app. We also construct user-centric interfaces with the goal of increasing engagement.

Hire Python Developer

Hire Python Developer

5.5+ years of experience

Abhinav has total 5.5 years of IT experience. He is having experience in Project Management & Monitoring, Scrum Master, Quality Assurance.He is Involved in Budgeting & Costing, Stakeholder Management. Abhinav is Capable of Team Leadership & Management, Time Management. He can Performing Requirement Analysis, Risk Analysis. He is also having experience with Jira, Microsoft office 365. He works on KRA For ERP implementation. Abhinav has done certification in Agile Development Specialization (Coursera), AWS Fundamentals Specialization (Coursera), Crash course python (Coursera), Cyber Security Foundation (Certiprof), Capm certification

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  • Python
  • Django
  • Flask
  • ORM
Hire Java Developer

Hire Java Developer

4+ years of experience

Peter is an experienced Java Developer with 4+ years of professional experience. He is always interested in learning new technologies and strong knowledge about Java development.

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  • Web Architecture
  • Ajax
  • CSS
  • JAVA
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We rely on ManekTech to accelerate our production processes. Their outstanding service has consistently exceeded expectations across multiple projects I've engaged them for, making them a reliable partner. With a stellar team and competitive pricing, they stand out as an excellent company to collaborate with.

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FAQs for Windows Application Development

We’ve covered all for you with the list of the top questions related to the Windows app development that you might have.

With the launch of Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Professional, businesses are leveraging the best advantages of Windows. Hence, it becomes crucial to have dedicated apps working on the secure and feature-rich operating system. Moreover, it is quick to deploy Windows apps for business requirements and optimize its benefits.

C# and .Net are widely used for Windows app development. On the other hand, Microsoft's C#, multi-paradigm, object-oriented programming, and multi-paradigm captivate the developers. The other technical concepts include Visual Studio, C++, etc.

Windows app development offers dedicated support and maintenance services to all clients. These services ensure seamless operations of the apps on different devices and protect the user data from possible security attacks due to outdated security features.

Windows app development and mobile app development have different benefits. The previous is dedicated to desktop devices, laptops, etc., while the latter is for mobile devices. You can use both effectively to increase business revenue as customers are distributed on mobile and desktop devices.

Costs associated with Windows app development vary according to their complexity and features. Hence, different apps may cost differently based on these factors. However, the average price of any Windows app is around 40,000 USD, and adding the costs of maintenance and timely updates; may go a little higher.

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