Effortless Digital Operations

Software knowledge will be critical in driving cross-sector innovation and bringing high-quality serial manufacturing solutions to the market.


You Decide How To Grow Your Business We Make It Happen

Individual and diversified mobility is becoming more prevalent. ManekTech has been essential in assisting worldwide customers from a variety of sectors in empowering themselves via digital transformation. The seamless and meaningful integration of online and physical touchpoints is a critical component of the overall customer and dealer journey, especially in light of the changing role of dealerships in the age of eCommerce.


Manufacturer of Original Equipment

OEM parts are auto parts that were initially utilized by the manufacturer and were manufactured by them.

Integration of Multiple Channels

The website model will be connected within the shop with POS, ERP, and CRM, allowing for smooth information flow throughout the data channel and reducing workload.

Relax the customer's mood

This component of our website will pique the interest of customers due to its revolutionary function of allowing them to tailor their demands.


Key Features

Key Features

Intelligent Search : The visitor will be able to rapidly browse and purchase items as a result of this. You will also be able to compare the two goods.


Tracing The Intruders All At Once : This tool will be extremely useful for tracking wholesale orders. You will have distinct access to wholesalers as a result of this.


For Locality Garage : This is a sophisticated tool that will link you to the nearest garage and register you with an approved repairer.

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