TalenTrade: Job Portal Application

Now, it is easy to find jobs, check client details, secure payments effortlessly, browse job listings, and chat in real-time. User-friendly filters simplify project searches and a hassle-free path to freelance success.

Public Sector
ReactJS , AWS


The customer is a Germany-based company that provides a solution for the traditional hiring process. Seeking to bridge the gap between freelancers and job opportunities, TalenTrade's robust job portal app for freelancers introduced features like freelancer verification, secure payments, and real-time communication.


Before the development of the job Portal application, it was very difficult for freelancers and job seekers to find work that best matched their skill set and could easily connect with clients in different places. Freelancers are no longer worried about not getting paid, and the risk of getting unreliable clients has decreased. Freelancers needed a platform where they could showcase their skills more appropriately, and at the same time, clients were facing difficulties in finding suitable talents. 

  • Integrating Stripe Payment Gateway for Israel and the US:  In TalenTrade, we have users from multiple countries like Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States, so integrating a reliable payment platform that handles money transfers among various countries was a bit challenging. 
  • Integrating Pusher: Pusher integration presented a complex but essential requirement for "TalenTrade." Real-time communication and updates are crucial in modern web applications, especially with interactive and collaborative features.
  • Integrating System Logs: The System Logs feature in "TalenTrade" aimed to capture and record any errors or noteworthy events within the application. These events were logged in a structured JSON format, making analyzing and diagnosing issues easier. Admins had access to these logs, enabling them to view the exact details of when an error occurred, which client or freelancer was affected, and what operation they performed.


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Developing an online job portal helps solve the above challenges and makes it easier for everyone to find work and hire suitable talents.

Key Features:

  • Freelancer Verification:  Before any rights are given to freelancers to apply for any job posts, they must undergo a verification process. Only upon the admin’s approval can the freelancer view the job postings list and apply for it.
  • Job Listing: Once the admin verifies the freelancer, they can browse a list of all the jobs posted by the different clients. Freelancers can also view client profiles where they can view the number of projects completed, ongoing projects, total freelancers hired, etc.
  • Ratings and Reviews: Freelancers and Clients, after working with one another, Freelancers and Clients can provide ratings that can help others evaluate. 
  • Categories and Specialization: Provides categories for the freelancers choosing the niche they want to work in, and at the same time, clients can filter the freelancers based on their skills. Making it easier for both entities.
  • Chat Feature: Allows clients and freelancers to chat in real-time Integrated pusher for the seamless chat experience.
  • Secure Payment: Integrated stripe for the secure transactions between the clients and freelancers. 
  • Freelancer listings: The client can have a list of the freelancers and can view their skills, ratings given by the other clients, total projects completed, etc. The client can also save the freelancer that the client finds suitable.
  • Client Dashboard: The client’s dashboard will display statistics of the ongoing projects, total projects posted by the client, all the proposals received from freelancers, etc.
  • Freelancer Dashboard: The dashboard will have the no. of total projects completed, total earnings, rating, project invites received from the clients, sent proposals, ongoing projects, etc.
  • Post Project: Feature for the client to post a project, adding basic details such as project title, project descriptions, basic skills required, attachments, and budget.
  • Notifications: The system will send notifications to the freelancers and clients upon any action, such as payment received from the client or the proposal received on the posted project.
  • Implemented System Logs: Our developers have implemented the system logs, so if any of the users (client or freelancer) is facing any trouble while accessing any feature the admin will notify us regarding the same. 
  • Dispute Resolution:  Freelancers and clients can raise disputes upon any conflict


Developing this online job portal helps streamline the process of connecting freelancers to suitable job opportunities and clients with suitable talent.

Technologies and Tools:

  • Frontend: ReactJs
  • Backend: NodeJs
  • Database: Postgresql
  • Other Technology: AWS

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