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ManekTech actively produces educational breakthroughs. We assist startups, educational institutions, and businesses in the development of next-generation software.



Employees and organizations benefit from custom E-learning software that is tailored to their needs. It incorporates a wide range of learning activities, as well as multimedia features and evaluations, to help employees retain their information and provide more individualized training experiences. It is projected that using online material can save professional training time by up to 40%. As a result, employers are able to greatly increase the performance of their teams, cut expenses, and track their employee's educational development.

We use our experience and subject expertise at ManekTech to improve learning, training, and information exchange processes so that our clients may get closer to a more efficient and engaging online education. We provide personalized E-learning systems that are simple to use and accessible to your students at all times.


Language PHP


Architecture MySQL


Tools VSCode


Platform WordPress


Application Development for E-Learning

Build a high-end application with a multi-device solution to unlock interactive learning experiences. Our developers can provide a single solution for seamless access to all platforms, whether your consumers prefer phones, tablets, or PCs.

System for Managing Learning

E-learning growth benefits not just educational institutions. Education software solutions are used by the majority of Fortune 500 organizations.

Platforms for e-learning and education

Achieve more with web-based scalable learning and training systems that allow you to store all of your learning materials in one place, streamline and control the educational process, assess students' or employees' progress, and provide quick access to information from a variety of platforms and devices.


Key Features

Key Features

Security : We investigate your concept and turn it into a cost-effective strategy, which we then evaluate, create, implement, and test. We incorporate the product into the market once both parties have verified that it functions smoothly, maintaining and improving it on a regular basis with an emphasis on security.


Exceptional technical knowledge : We combine technological and industrial knowledge to create desktop, online, and mobile apps.


Personalized Data : Our skilled developers provide unique school management and administration software with personalized student information systems and built-in features for complete visibility and control.

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