Government Housing Application

This housing application offers solutions for normal users who are looking for government based houses and apply for the houses.



This housing application offers solutions for normal users who are looking for government based houses and apply for the houses. The user will fill all the forms by selecting schemes and other details. After filling in those details, the user will do the initial payment. Users can download the fill-up form and payment receipt from the application.

Admin will manage all the records. Admin can see the number of users applying daily. Admin can see the user's first installment date and amount details.


Architecture MSSQL


Tools Microsoft Visual Studio


Platform .NET


Language C#


User Management

Normal User will fill in all the details and select the schemes for housing. After filling in all the details, the user will pay the first installment and download the receipt for the same. Users can also download/print the form.

Application Management

Admin can see all the applications after the user fills the all information and pay the first installment. Admin can also see the amount paid on the specific date. Admin can also filter the applications.


By entering the user id, the admin can see the payment receipt of the user. Admin can also download/print the receipts.

Installment Collection

It shows the list of installments of users based on schemes selected. By clicking on a single collection, it can see all the installment amount of user for the housing.


Admin is managing the settings for the application. If an admin can select the close date for the application then we cannot see the front end website after that date. E.g if Admin has set the close date for 20th Sept 2020 then after 20th Sept 2020 normal user cannot see the front end application. Admin can also manage brochures and set emails for the users also.


Key Features

Key Features

Instant Notifications : As the visitor checks in, an instant alert notice is provided to the host, saving a significant amount of time.


Real-Time Dashboard : This is simple to set up and begins functioning for you the moment you purchase it.


Registrations in Advance : This allows you to pre-register your visit by entering already registered information such as your cellphone number or email address.


Simple Badge Printing : Get your personalized badge made right now for increased security and identification within the office.

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